FAQ Board Certified Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Each approved training provider’s approved course(s) have been reviewed by CCE to ensure that they will adequately prepare applicants specifically for taking the Board Certified Coach Examination.

No. A bachelor’s degree in any field is the minimum level of education approved by the CCE Board of Directors for the BCC. CCE believes there is a strong correlation between level of education and coaching effectiveness

You must send us a sealed official transcript either with your application or directly from your college or university.

We do not make exam scores available online due to security requirements. The examinee has the opportunity to obtain an unofficial report at the end of the exam. CCE will mail the official copy a few weeks later. You may request another official report later by emailing exam@cce-global.org with pertinent exam information.

Your application remains open for three years. During that period, you are allowed to test up to three times. After that, you must reapply for the BCC.

CCE rotates test versions every 90 days. In order to be fair to all examinees and accurately assess your preparedness for coaching, you are not allowed to take the same version of the exam twice.

We do not give scores by phone or e-mail.

Once your registration is approved, you will receive scheduling information by e-mail. CCE’s testing partner has exam centers across every state and in multiple countries. In the USA, there is usually an exam center within a one-hour driving distance of your location. Seats are available during the first two weeks of every month excepting holidays.

The BCC application fee is non-refundable, as it costs us to use our time and resources to review your application.

We do not currently publish a study guide because we have not retired any exam questions. However, we do offer a selected reading list.

Absolutely. CCE accepts applications from individuals world-wide. We are able to offer the exam world-wide using computer-based testing (CBT). Please note, however, that the examination is currently available only in English.

CCE does not automatically issue receipts for payments, as your canceled check or posted credit or debit card payment is considered your receipt. However, if you need a separate receipt, please email us with your request at credentialinfo@cce-global.org..

Yes. As long as you notify us at the time you apply by completing the appropriate information on the Special Accommodations section of the application. There is no additional charge.

You may apply for special accommodations by completing the appropriate information in the Special Accommodations section of the application. If approved, our assessments team will work with you to obtain the needed accommodations at no extra charge.

Yes. You may apply for one or more optional designations after you have been certified by simply downloading the designation forms and returning the completed forms with your payment to cce. if approved, you will be awarded a new certificate that includes your approved specialty designations.

You may contact CCE via email at credentialinfo@cce-global.org or by phone at (336) 482-2856 to obtain a new one. There is a $20.00 replacement fee.

Please complete a Continuing Education Listing Request Form and return to CCE with your payment. Once we review it for basic compliance with CCE policies, we will post your listing on CE Opportunities.

No. You may obtain continuing education from any appropriate source as long as it meets our continuing education guidelines. The listings on our website are for your convenience only.

Your payment must be postmarked no later than the due date listed on your annual maintenance fee notice.

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