Required Training Approved Clinical Supervisor

Specialized Clinical Supervision Training Requirement for ACS

a. A three-semester-hour graduate course in clinical supervision from a CACREP-accredited program (by transcript)


b. A 45-clock-hour NBCC-approved workshop training in clinical supervision (by certificate copy)


c. A total of 45 clock hours of clinical supervision training specific to providing supervision or becoming a supervisor, which must include each of the following content areas (Submit the transcript/certificate and the course syllabus/outline.):

  1. Roles and functions of clinical supervisors
  2. Models of clinical supervision
  3. Mental health–related professional development
  4. Methods and techniques in clinical supervision
  5. Supervisory relationship issues
  6. Cultural issues in clinical supervision
  7. Group supervision
  8. Legal and ethical issues in clinical supervision
  9. Evaluation of supervisee competence and the supervision process

Training Certificates

CCE does not pre-approve training providers for the ACS. Training certificates are accepted from a wide variety of organizations and educational institutions across America. The supervision training must completely cover all the nine content areas. The following providers are listed as possible options:

  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) Department of Counseling & Educational Development.
  • Advanced Counselor Training (ACT) (45 hour and 15 hour courses)
  • Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute
  • Advanced Training & Supervision LLC
  • The Mentoring Institute (40 hour and 5 hour courses)
  • Family Intervention Services (20 hour and 5 hour courses)
  • The Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis (ACAP) (45 hour and increment courses)

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