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Board Certified Coach Examination (BCCE)

The Board Certified Coach Examination (BCCE) is administered as part of the certification process that independently verifies a candidate's coaching knowledge. It was created from the consensus of coaching subject matter experts and normed on a population of professionals in the field. The examination covers the following competency areas:

  1. Ethics and Regulatory Guidelines
  2. Coaching Knowledge and Applications
  3. Assessment
  4. Practice Management
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You may submit an application for the Board Certified Coach (BCC) certification at any time. If you meet all of the application requirements, you will be eligible to sit for the examination. The examination is administered via two options: (1) in-person computer-based testing (CBT) at numerous centers worldwide. and (2) online with live, remote proctoring, from a private location.

Please see the BCC Exam Candidate Handbook for additional information.

ESL courtesy requests and international location requests should be sent to the Accommodations Manager at accommodations@cce-global.org. The Accommodations Manager will follow-up with you to provide additional information.

If you require any special accommodations for the examination, please submit the Examination Accommodation Request Form and all supporting documentation.

Please send your Examination Accommodation Request Form and all supporting documentation to:

Center for Credentialing & Education
Attn: Exam Accommodations Manager
3 Terrace Way
Greensboro, NC 27403

Please see the Special Examination Accommodations Policy and BCC Exam Candidate Handbook for additional information.

If you have any questions or concerns about accommodations, please feel free to contact the Exam Accommodations Manager at 336.217.4111 or send an email to accommodations@cce-global.org.

Scheduling your BCCE

In-Person Administration With Pearson VUE

Once you’ve been approved to sit for the BCCE, you will receive an email from Pearson VUE with your candidate ID number. There are two ways to schedule an appointment for the examination:

1. Online scheduling: This is the preferred method. To use this service:

  • Retrieve your candidate ID number from the email you received.
  • Go to pearsonvue.com/cce and select “Create Account”.
  • Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions to select your examination program and register for an examination.


2. Telephone: Call Pearson VUE at 866.904.4432 to schedule an examination appointment. This toll-free number is answered from 7 am to 7 pm Central time Monday through Friday. You may experience extended hold times.

When scheduling an examination, be prepared to confirm a location and a preferred date and time for testing, and to provide your client candidate ID number. Pearson VUE uses the client candidate ID as an identification number in maintaining your record. When you contact Pearson VUE to schedule an examination appointment, you will be notified of the time to report to the testing center. Please make a note of it because you will not receive additional communications confirming your scheduled appointment.

Online Administration With Examity

Candidates who are authorized by CCE to take the examination will log in to the web portal that is used for their overall BCC application process and will click a link to register with Examity. The examination registration will be automatically uploaded to Examity. The candidate is then taken to the Examity website to schedule administration of the BCCE within a 90-day window.

Important Information for All Candidates

With both administration formats, candidates can test a maximum of three times during the 3-year period that their BCC application remains open, with a minimum 90-day waiting period between examinations. Only upon passing the BCCE will you be certified as a BCC.

Candidates wishing to retake the exam should reregister using their application in the Credentialing Gateway.

If you have any questions about the BCCE, please contact us at credentialinfo@cce-global.org, subject line "BCC."

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