Approved Clinical Supervisor University Counseling Program (RCTP)

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Many counseling doctoral programs include training specific to clinical supervision. Those programs may find that their program requirements align well with the credential requirements for the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS). As such, a specific application was designed for university programs to apply to be recognized as a CCE Registered Credential Training Provider.

Benefits for Doctoral Counseling Students

  • Earning the ACS can give your graduates a competitive advantage in the job market because they can demonstrate that they have met national professional supervision standards.
  • Students can earn their degree plus a nationally recognized credential.
  • Additionally, since some states recognize the ACS credential in their rules and regulations, graduates holding the ACS may have a clear path to a supervision-level license in those states.
  • Clients seek out credentialed professionals, and they appreciate the assurance of knowing that the professionals they engage are properly trained and accountable.

Benefits to University Counseling Programs

  • Your existing doctoral supervision courses likely meet the training requirement for the ACS credential.
  • Your program faculty have worked intentionally to provide students with specialized knowledge and skill development opportunities in supervision, and the ACS credential can help your graduates and program to receive recognition for these valuable training opportunities.

ACS RCTP Eligibility Requirements

Find out if your supervision courses are eligible for the ACS University RCTP program.

ACS RCTP Video presentation ACS RCTP Eligibility Requirements ACS RCTP Application Part 1

Once your initial eligibility application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive instruction for submitting documentation.

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