FAQ Registered Credential Training Provider (RCTP)

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RCTPs have satisfied CCE eligibility requirements to become approved providers. Subject to specific program format approval by CCE, an RCTP may offer CCE credential training hours for live, on-demand events, or both.

Your organization must sufficiently demonstrate that you have created, developed, advertised, and planned the implementation of a live or on-demand event aligned with the requirements of the Credential Training Provider Program Policy.

A provider must submit to CCE a complete and accurate application and continuing registration information, materials, agreements, and fees in a timely manner as required by CCE.

The provider organizational governance documents and operational principles must be consistent with CCE policy and agreement requirements, and applicable legal rules.

Submit the following:

  1. Completed Application form
  2. Completed Registered Credential Training Provider Matrix Form for the program to be reviewed.
  3. Supporting Evidence, including content excerpts and materials as evidence of content alignment in the completed matrix.
  4. Program marketing materials including brochures, agendas, content excerpts, and other promotional materials.
  5. The Evaluation Form used for program evaluations.
  6. Presenter Qualification Form accurately identifying all individual and organizational program presenters, including the qualifications, relevant academic degrees, and field of study of each presenter.
  7. Sample certificates of completion distributed to participants for the program.
  8. Curriculum vita or résumé of program provider representative.
  9. The provider’s organizational governance documents and operational principles. If the organization is incorporated, submit the articles of incorporation and corporate bylaws. If the organization is a limited liability company (LLC), submit the LLC operating agreement. If the provider is a tax-exempt organization, submit a copy of the IRS determination letter.
The application fee for an RCTP program is $800 for a single format and an additional $400 for dual format. University pricing for the ACS and BC-TMH programs is $500 for a single format and an additional $250 for a dual format.
There is a $100 annual fee in order to maintain approved status. These prices are per program and are nonrefundable and nontransferable. You will be invoiced once a year for your RCTP annual maintenance fee. Please pay by the due date to avoid a late fee. Unless your contact information has changed, no additional information is required.
RCTP status is valid for three (3) years and is renewable. If you would like to continue offering your program, you must reapply for approval. In order to maintain uninterrupted approval, you must submit the application at least 60 days prior to the program approval expiration date, including all required and supporting materials, and all fees and costs related to the RCTP program application.
No. Approval of your first application means your organization has been approved to continue to part two of the application process which is the curriculum contents, and other documentation review.
You will be notified of the final decision regarding your application once the full review of both application parts has been completed.
The requirements for trainers are listed in the RCTP Policy, not all trainers are required to be CCE credential holders.
When the application review process is complete, CCE will send an email notification of the status of your application.
Please send the documentation to ccebusiness@cce-global.org. Your application will be placed back in queue for a second review when the requested documentation arrives. You will need to allow another eight (8) weeks from the date it is received. For this reason, it is best to include all required documentation with the eligibility application.
The CCE staff is happy to address your questions or concerns about the RCTP Policy. Contact us by emailing ccebusiness@cce-global.org or calling 336-482-2856.

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