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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Dara Williams Cincinnati, OH BC-TMH-0730 BC-TMH
Pat Ahl Columbus, OH BC-TMH-0823 BC-TMH
Carla Urbanas Vandalia, OH 1498370 NCC
Rosalind Smith Cincinnati, OH BC-TMH-0856 BC-TMH
Oscar McKnight Hudson, OH BC-TMH-0865 BC-TMH
Wendy Persson Youngstown, OH 54104 NCC
Timothy Conrad Worthington, OH 27257 NCC
Dahlia Harris Orange Village, OH BC-TMH-0945 BC-TMH
Andrea Razavi Pepper Pike, OH BC-TMH-1092 BC-TMH
Linda Koenig Minford, OH BC-TMH-1130 BC-TMH
John Conteh Columbus, OH BC-TMH-1139 BC-TMH
Brittny Pierson Powell, OH BC-TMH-1163 BC-TMH
Jeremy Spence St Paris, OH BC-TMH-1181 BC-TMH
Kimberly Hauser Wyoming, OH BC-TMH-1218 BC-TMH
Kerri Carmichael Strongsville, OH BC-TMH-1252 BC-TMH
Roger Gasser Paulding, OH BC-TMH-1706 BC-TMH
Meagan Prost North Olmsted, OH BC-TMH-1916 BC-TMH
Keisha Saunders Mason, OH BC-TMH-1962 BC-TMH
Bonita Roberts Toledo, OH BC-TMH-2021 BC-TMH
Dara Williams Cincinnati, OH 344965 NCC
Pat Ahl Columbus, OH 205798 NCC
Carla Urbanas Vandalia, OH BC-TMH-0827 BC-TMH
Wendy Persson Youngstown, OH BC-TMH-0869 BC-TMH
Timothy Conrad Worthington, OH BC-TMH-0937 BC-TMH
Timothy Conrad Worthington, OH 27257 NCSC
John Conteh Columbus, OH ACS-1131 ACS
John Conteh Columbus, OH 89739 NCC
Jeremy Spence St Paris, OH 338346 NCC
Keisha Saunders Mason, OH ACS-2448 ACS
Keisha Saunders Mason, OH 579005 State Licensure
Keisha Saunders Mason, OH 276967 NCC
Bonita Roberts Toledo, OH 231360 NCC
Nina Kucyk North Canton, OH 74859 NCC
Nicholas Meister Columbus, OH BC-TMH-2191 BC-TMH
Michelle Cappetto Rocky River, OH BC-TMH-2272 BC-TMH
Sherry Barbour Canal Winchester, OH BC-TMH-2371 BC-TMH
Jane Steffens Mason, OH BCC-1105 BCC
Elisabeth Couts Coventry Township, OH BC-TMH-2428 BC-TMH
Martha Portman Seville, OH BC-TMH-2437 BC-TMH
Amelia Slama Parma, OH BC-TMH-2457 BC-TMH
Corinne Bridges Cincinnati, OH 263835 NCC
Krista Predragovich Westerville, OH BC-TMH-2474 BC-TMH
Carrie Repasky Youngstown, OH BC-TMH-2645 BC-TMH
Stacey Durkin Youngstown, OH BC-TMH-2781 BC-TMH
Gregory Popcak Steubenville, OH BC-TMH-2812 BC-TMH
Staci Tessmer North Royalton, OH BC-TMH-2901 BC-TMH
Yiannoula Mavroidis Highland Heights, OH BC-TMH-2916 BC-TMH
Denita Hudson Clayton, OH BC-TMH-3036 BC-TMH
Bridget Gray Akron, OH BC-TMH-3048 BC-TMH
Hayle Fisher Medina, OH BC-TMH-3056 BC-TMH
Michaela Warner Caldwell, OH BC-TMH-3071 BC-TMH
Shannon Matsko Mentor, OH BC-TMH-3081 BC-TMH
Karla Frye Zanesville, OH BC-TMH-3106 BC-TMH
Michael Fuller Millersport, OH BC-TMH-3107 BC-TMH
Morgan Potochnik Barnesville, OH BC-TMH-3108 BC-TMH
Meredith Walker Zanesville, OH BC-TMH-3109 BC-TMH
Nicholas DiFrancesco Amesville, OH BC-TMH-3198 BC-TMH
Angela Pachana Columbus, OH BC-TMH-3211 BC-TMH
Michael Tolloti Canton, OH 1378767 NCC
Tracey Smith Newark, OH BC-TMH-3278 BC-TMH
Lauren Barco Columbus, OH BC-TMH-3481 BC-TMH
Timothy Welch Newark, OH BC-TMH-3510 BC-TMH
Joshua Hawrot Steubenville, OH BC-TMH-3559 BC-TMH
David Long Tipp City, OH 2729 NCC
Geoffrey Yager Cincinnati, OH ACS-0205 ACS
Jonathan Appel Bloomville, OH 35025 CCMHC
Daniel Linnenberg Franklin, OH ACS-0334 ACS
Jane Cox Kent, OH ACS-0337 ACS
Colette Dollarhide Lewis Center, OH 37819 NCC
Samuel Wolfe Marion, OH 235087 NCC
Nina Kucyk North Canton, OH BC-TMH-2144 BC-TMH
Jane Steffens Mason, OH BC-TMH-2379 BC-TMH
Amelia Slama Parma, OH 835010 NCC
Corinne Bridges Cincinnati, OH BC-TMH-2467 BC-TMH
David Long Tipp City, OH ACS-0116 ACS
Geoffrey Yager Cincinnati, OH 3835 NCC
Jonathan Appel Bloomville, OH 35025 NCC
Daniel Linnenberg Franklin, OH 37712 NCC
Jane Cox Kent, OH 61521 NCC
Samuel Wolfe Marion, OH ACS-0667 ACS
David Brown Hamilton, OH ACS-1285 ACS
Barry Zabielinski South Euclid, OH ACS-1561 ACS
Jenny Cureton Kent, OH ACS-1717 ACS
Tracy Luoma Centerville, OH ACS-1768 ACS
Madeline Clark Perrysburg, OH 309837 NCC
Douglas Casper Wooster, OH ACS-2358 ACS
Robin DuFresne Toledo, OH 413161 State Licensure
Michael Williams Sr Marietta, OH ACS-2609 ACS
Tiffany Rush-Wilson Shaker Heights, OH BC-TMH-0584 BC-TMH
Lindsey Brown McCormick Laurelville, OH 318955 CCMHC
Kaitlyn Forristal Rock Creek, OH ACS-4064 ACS
Joan Starkowsky Novelty, OH BCC-0021 BCC
Stacey Shumway Johnson Portsmouth, OH 225103 CCMHC
Barbara Steffens Cincinnati, OH BCC-0156 BCC
Catherine Gross Monroe, OH BCC-0169 BCC
Susan McMahon Toledo, OH BCC-0205 BCC
Heather Bradley Toledo, OH BCC-0488 BCC
Jean Weaver Kettering, OH 22 NCC
Cindy Warner Kettering, OH BCC-0749 BCC
Rachel Hobson Sylvania, OH BCC-0794 BCC
Maryellen Myers Strongsville, OH BCC-0899 BCC
Tracy Luoma Centerville, OH 238926 CCMHC
Tracy Luoma Centerville, OH 238926 NCC
Madeline Clark Perrysburg, OH ACS-2220 ACS
Robin DuFresne Toledo, OH 324590 NCC
Robin DuFresne Toledo, OH ACS-2425 ACS
Tiffany Rush-Wilson Shaker Heights, OH ACS-3261 ACS
Lindsey Brown McCormick Laurelville, OH BC-TMH-3670 BC-TMH
Lindsey Brown McCormick Laurelville, OH ACS-3428 ACS
Lindsey Brown McCormick Laurelville, OH 318955 NCC
Stacey Shumway Johnson Portsmouth, OH 225103 NCC
Stacey Shumway Johnson Portsmouth, OH BCC-0100 BCC
Christy Harvey Cleveland, OH BCC-1885 BCC
Carol Heintz Strongsville, OH BCC-2097 BCC
Juliann Spoth Richmond Hts, OH BCC-0940 BCC
Mary Beth Ottke Cincinnati, OH BCC-1053 BCC
Deborah Sharif University Hts, OH 86826 NCC
Jennifer Bradley Liberty Township, OH BCC-1231 BCC
Olga Paz Orange, OH BCC-1259 BCC
Lynne Kweder Lakewood, OH BCC-1349 BCC
Julie Robinson Mansfield, OH BCC-1370 BCC
Leasa Novak Medina, OH BCC-1391 BCC
Lisa Lafave University Hts, OH BCC-1456 BCC
Ingeborg Hrabowy Clevland, OH BCC-1461 BCC
Matthew Kutz Perrysburg, OH BCC-1582 BCC
Lalei Gutierrez Rocky River, OH BCC-1607 BCC
Cynthia Mulligan Westlake, OH BCC-1685 BCC
Nancy Ratey Columbus, OH BCC-1699 BCC
Erica Merritt Cleveland, OH BCC-1739 BCC
Christy Harvey Cleveland, OH 280518 NCC
Melanie Fleischer Brunswick, OH BCC-1941 BCC
Claire Scott Miller Westlake, OH BCC-1953 BCC
Robert Wubbolding Cincinnati, OH BCC-1971 BCC
Jacalyn Stevenson Novelty, OH BCC-2067 BCC
Carol Heintz Strongsville, OH 55600 NCC
Tami Caplan Beachwood, OH BCC-2119 BCC
T. Herbert Stevenson Novelty, OH BCC-2162 BCC
Jim Smith Cleveland, OH BCC-2173 BCC
Rosanna Zavarella Beachwood, OH BCC-2179 BCC
Janet Maurer Solon, OH BCC-2183 BCC
Christina Lombardo Powell, OH BCC-2215 BCC
Cheryl Barker Berea, OH BCC-2222 BCC
Kenneth Kovach Shaker Heights, OH BCC-2234 BCC
Pamela Ziss Independence, OH BCC-2354 BCC
Mary Ann Kraus Shaker Heights, OH BCC-2468 BCC
Teresa Johnson North Canton, OH BCC-2473 BCC
Philip Belzunce Rocky River, OH BCC-2484 BCC
Susan Cucuzza Bay Village, OH BCC-2579 BCC
Marva Duvall Cincinnati, OH BCC-2678 BCC
Patricia Beard Columbiana, OH BCC-2737 BCC
Michelle Napolitano Struthers, OH BCC-2748 BCC
Joan Nosal Chagrin Falls, OH BCC-2847 BCC
Eli Shur Dayton, OH BCC-2900 BCC
Kathleen Riffee Columbus, OH BCC-2990 BCC
Teresa Andreani Lakewood, OH BCC-3002 BCC
Davida Arnold Pickerington, OH BCC-3060 BCC
Gwendolyn Gist Dayton, OH BCC-3066 BCC
Necole Sayers Clifton, OH BCC-3074 BCC
Cheryl Curry Trotwood, OH BCC-3076 BCC
Gwendolyn Buchanan Dayton, OH BCC-3086 BCC
Leslie Mongelluzzi Waite Hill, OH BCC-3094 BCC
Beth Planzer Montanus Cincinnati, OH BCC-3180 BCC
Jenifer Haller Hill Canton, OH BCC-3316 BCC
Tracy Konjovic Streetsboro, OH BCC-3332 BCC
Katriela Isaacson University Heights, OH BCC-3359 BCC
Christina Lloyd Austintown, OH BCC-3429 BCC
Diane Wetzig University Hts, OH BCC-3536 BCC
Caroline Carter Cleveland, OH BCC-3599 BCC
David Faulk Cincinnati, OH BCC-3614 BCC
Diana Bilimoria Cleveland, OH BCC-3625 BCC
Susan Freimark Solon, OH BCC-3659 BCC
Carrie Hudson Mentor, OH BCC-3662 BCC
Ashley Bauman Loveland, OH BCC-3708 BCC
Marion Seelbach Aurora, OH BCC-3712 BCC
Stephen Warner Newbury, OH BCC-3750 BCC
Melvin Smith Pepper Pike, OH BCC-3753 BCC
Ellen Van Oosten North Olmsted, OH BCC-3754 BCC
Jennifer Carr Beachwood, OH BCC-3758 BCC
Robert Hobbs Jr McDonald, OH BCC-3769 BCC
Sakura Nimura Worthington, OH BCC-3773 BCC
Eileen Theodore-Shusta Athens, OH BCC-3780 BCC
Lori Jo Neiswander Cleveland, OH BCC-3781 BCC
Denise Douglas Avon, OH BCC-3789 BCC
Elizabeth Joy Gahanna, OH BCC-3794 BCC
Amanda Varley Cleveland, OH BCC-3800 BCC
Sarah Eppink Mentor, OH BCC-3806 BCC
Deborah Fatica Willoughby Hills, OH BCC-3816 BCC
Deborah O'Neil Toledo, OH BCC-3832 BCC
Margaret Hopkins Toledo, OH BCC-3833 BCC
Rebecca Doak Dover, OH BCC-3852 BCC
Kristen McLaughlin Mentor, OH BCC-3868 BCC
Suzette Williamson Strongsville, OH BCC-3870 BCC
Maria Ramundo Brecksville, OH BCC-3895 BCC
Judith MacNamee Hilliard, OH BCC-3901 BCC
Kristina McGuigan Broadview Heights, OH BCC-3914 BCC
Anthony Jack Cleveland Heights, OH BCC-3920 BCC
Rogene Carter Elyria, OH BCC-3924 BCC
Shareefah Sabur Cleveland, OH BCC-3939 BCC
Catherine Geib New Philadelphia, OH BCC-3962 BCC
Lynda Sabino North Canton, OH BCC-3984 BCC
Amy Kulisheck Cleveland, OH BCC-3987 BCC
Jacqueline Richards Powell, OH BCC-3992 BCC
Michael Quinn Twinsburg, OH BCC-3995 BCC
Linda Lawrence Canton, OH BCC-4012 BCC
Edward Chavez Jr University Heights, OH BCC-4038 BCC
Paula Apostolou Toledo, OH BCC-4044 BCC
Meredith Murphy New Albany, OH 86982 NCC
Jill Westerfeld Colombus, OH BCC-4067 BCC
Traci Patena Newark, OH BCC-4071 BCC
Susan Rehm Pepper Pike, OH BCC-4077 BCC
Nancy Gilbertsen Powell, OH BCC-4090 BCC
Stormy Sweitzer Cleveland, OH BCC-4100 BCC
Celeste Asmar Chagrin Falls, OH BCC-4120 BCC
Kathleen Sullivan Solon, OH BCC-4142 BCC
Sally Day Wadsworth, OH BCC-4154 BCC
Susan Walker-Morgan Cuyahoga Falls, OH BCC-4176 BCC
Judi DiSabato Willoughby, OH BCC-4196 BCC
Kathleen Vegh Bay Village, OH BCC-4214 BCC
Amy Salapski Reminderville, OH BCC-4224 BCC
Casey Richardson Dublin, OH BCC-4279 BCC
Stacy Martin Powell, OH BCC-4290 BCC
Peggy Wager Moreland Hills, OH BCC-4294 BCC
Jessica Hinz Cleveland, OH BCC-4304 BCC
Alexander Toomey Columbus, OH BCC-4345 BCC
Kimberly Petroni Springboro, OH BCC-4365 BCC
Susan Campbell Dublin, OH BCC-4380 BCC
Noelle Akins Ravenna, OH BCC-4387 BCC
Susan Esler Cincinnati, OH BCC-4413 BCC
Kimberly Regis Columbus, OH BCC-4415 BCC
Tanya Kleindienst Cincinnati, OH BCC-4437 BCC
Grace Chung Cincinnati, OH BCC-4480 BCC
Matthew Cintron-Quiñones Kent, OH BCC-4532 BCC
Ursula Castellano Athens, OH BCC-4534 BCC
Andrea Sikon Brecksville, OH BCC-4553 BCC
Patrice Borders Cincinnati, OH BCC-4973 BCC
David Cain Sylvania, OH BCC-4691 BCC
Lawrence Taylor Milford, OH BCC-4693 BCC
Robert Drovdlic Hilliard, OH BCC-4724 BCC
Amie Jackson Cleveland Hts, OH BCC-4764 BCC
Laura Weber Smith Clevland Heights, OH BCC-4869 BCC
Heather Long Cincinnati, OH BCC-4873 BCC
Mitchell Rice Sandusky, OH BCC-4876 BCC
Michelle Harcha Grove City, OH BCC-4879 BCC
Susan Renick Grove City, OH GCDF-2135 GCDF-Instructor
Jack Federan Bedford, OH GCDF-2191 GCDF
Michael Simpkins Reynoldsburg, OH GCDF-2697 GCDF
Christopher Wenz Wickliffe, OH GCDF-2900 GCDF
Jimmy Tyree University Heights, OH GCDF-5957 GCDF-Instructor
John Geras Jr. Boardman, OH GCDF-6014 GCDF
Stacy Eleo Alonzo Medina, OH 211864 NCC
Olga Medina Bay Village, OH GCDF-6580 GCDF
Tiffany Wanzo Springfield, OH GCDF-6886 GCDF
Robert Brown Groveport, OH GCDF-7139 GCDF
Gina Watts Columbus, OH GCDF-7317 GCDF-Instructor
James Dowdell Jr Maple Heights, OH GCDF-7680 GCDF
Elizabeth Gildone Strongsville, OH GCDF-9074 GCDF
Candace Knight Dublin, OH GCDF-9290 GCDF
Carol Wargo Columbus, OH GCDF-9747 GCDF-Instructor
Victoria Billman Liberty Township, OH GCDF-10404 GCDF
Michael Cooper Cincinnati, OH GCDF-10411 GCDF
Cynthia McCabe Elyria, OH GCDF-10851 GCDF
Cynthia Harris Girard, OH GCDF-10882 GCDF
Sara Fugett Alliance, OH GCDF-11122 GCDF
Cynthia Marco-Scanlon Medina, OH GCDF-11188 GCDF
Susan Hoopes Chagrin Falls, OH GCDF-11212 GCDF
Noreen Swope Mentor, OH GCDF-11256 GCDF
Christine Muncy Clayton, OH GCDF-11428 GCDF
Stephanie Heidenreich Waynesville, OH GCDF-11675 GCDF
La Tina Johnson Euclid, OH GCDF-11747 GCDF
Cynthia Gilchrist Cleveland, OH GCDF-11941 GCDF
Marquita Rockamore Cleveland, OH GCDF-11972 GCDF
Caitlin Williams North Ridgeville, OH GCDF-12045 GCDF
Julie Grubaugh Mount Vernon, OH GCDF-12586 GCDF
Lori Rudrick Fredricktown, OH GCDF-12587 GCDF
Rhonda Fannin Hillsboro, OH GCDF-12615 GCDF
Maria Selos Fairview Park, OH GCDF-13002 GCDF
Dennis Joyce Fairview Park, OH GCDF-13061 GCDF
Maria Brathwaite Solon, OH GCDF-13191 GCDF
Lynn Leon Avon, OH GCDF-13200 GCDF
Lisa Grisez-Shullick Sheffield Village, OH GCDF-13475 GCDF
Helen McHenry Powell, OH GCDF-13537 GCDF
Carleen Beckermann Centerville, OH GCDF-13727 GCDF
Lisa Duke Fairborn, OH GCDF-13879 GCDF
Mary Dixon Wickliffe, OH GCDF-13989 GCDF
Kelly Jenkins Englewood, OH GCDF-14227 GCDF
Marygail Michalski Willoughby Hills, OH GCDF-14418 GCDF-Instructor
Nancy Clark Kettering, OH GCDF-14495 GCDF
Julie Szeltner North Olmsted, OH GCDF-14575 GCDF
Bailey Capelle Cleveland, OH GCDF-14576 GCDF
Linda Ross Lakewood, OH GCDF-14579 GCDF
Michele Scott Taylor Lyndhurst, OH GCDF-14582 GCDF
Gina Miller Cincinnati, OH GCDF-14670 GCDF
Tricia Beach Amherst, OH GCDF-14719 GCDF
Rene Jewett Vandalia, OH GCDF-14750 GCDF
Dalila Bennett Beavercreek, OH GCDF-14752 GCDF
Judith Mey Berea, OH GCDF-14787 GCDF
Janet Smith Columbus, OH GCDF-14792 GCDF
Emily Dudgeon Gambier, OH GCDF-14794 GCDF
Wendy McKinney Mount Vernon, OH GCDF-14795 GCDF
Brandy Booth Howard, OH GCDF-14796 GCDF
Beth Ehrbar Berea, OH GCDF-14809 GCDF
Lindy Lucas Warren, OH GCDF-14822 GCDF
Marcos Rivera Strongsville, OH GCDF-14838 GCDF
Kathryn Billen Masury, OH GCDF-14848 GCDF
Loisjean Haynes-Paige Youngstown, OH GCDF-14858 GCDF
Carmen Castro-Rivera Strongsville, OH GCDF-14863 GCDF
Michelle Merrett Hamilton, OH GCDF-14873 GCDF
Ellie Cichocki Nepoleon, OH GCDF-14884 GCDF
Michelle Adkins Leetonia, OH GCDF-14899 GCDF
Stacey Spearman Boardman, OH GCDF-14959 GCDF
Dorothy Collins Youngstown, OH GCDF-14960 GCDF
Danita Logan Poland, OH GCDF-14962 GCDF
Lana Snider Whitehouse, OH GCDF-14987 GCDF
Kimberly Depue Marietta, OH GCDF-15046 GCDF
Dusty Timmons Chagrin Falls, OH GCDF-15086 GCDF
Ashley Sweaney Columbus, OH GCDF-15178 GCDF-Instructor
Katherine Klimach Cincinnati, OH GCDF-15389 GCDF
Julie Collet Westerville, OH GCDF-15639 GCDF
Rita Soeder Mentor, OH GCDF-15645 GCDF
Tracy La Mar-Nickoli London, OH GCDF-15795 GCDF
Wanda Demons Columbus, OH GCDF-15898 GCDF
Melissa Hines Davnille, OH GCDF-16182 GCDF
Sarah Hudson Fairview Park, OH GCDF-16312 GCDF
Stacie Odhner-Sibley Weserville, OH GCDF-16317 GCDF
Anessa Becton-Howard Reynoldsburg, OH GCDF-16322 GCDF
Desmond Mitchell Sr Elyria, OH GCDF-16490 GCDF
Patrick Keebler North Royalton, OH GCDF-16495 GCDF
Rachel Juszczyk Brunswick, OH GCDF-16521 GCDF
Elizabeth Presley Seven Hills, OH GCDF-16751 GCDF
Katharine Flanigan Parma Heights, OH GCDF-16791 GCDF
Franceska Jones Cleveland Heights, OH GCDF-16826 GCDF
Keith Sun Loveland, OH BCC-4980 BCC
Tracy Corrigan Mount Vernon, OH GCDF-17339 GCDF
Kelly Harper Cincinnati, OH GCDF-17584 GCDF
Danielle McMaster Medina, OH GCDF-17622 GCDF
Connor Korte Upper Arlington, OH GCDF-18188 GCDF
Ywanda Kaiser Akron, OH GCDF-18210 GCDF
Wanda Horner Kenton, OH GCDF-18212 GCDF
Terah Leonard Youngstown, OH GCDF-18213 GCDF
Shelly Bailey Montpeilier, OH GCDF-18214 GCDF
Shelley Pritchard Bradford, OH GCDF-18215 GCDF
Robert McCabe Columbus, OH GCDF-18216 GCDF
Patricia Byers Dayton, OH GCDF-18217 GCDF
Pamela Baker Warren, OH GCDF-18218 GCDF
Nicole Bentley Canal Winchester, OH GCDF-18219 GCDF
Melody Lehman Ottawa, OH GCDF-18220 GCDF
Lori Mehr Cable, OH GCDF-18221 GCDF
Lisa Eichelberger Ontario, OH GCDF-18222 GCDF
Kimberly Purvis West Alexandria, OH GCDF-18223 GCDF
Kenneth Bolton West Carrollton, OH GCDF-18224 GCDF
Kennale Ward Cincinnati, OH GCDF-18225 GCDF
Kelly Broadhurst Cuyahoga Falls, OH GCDF-18226 GCDF
Joshua Renison Franklin Furnace, OH GCDF-18227 GCDF
Jeanette Rich Kirtland, OH GCDF-18228 GCDF
Belinda Strode Toledo, OH GCDF-18229 GCDF
Catherine Burns Jordan Cleveland, OH GCDF-18230 GCDF
Ann Fitzenrider Bryan, OH GCDF-18231 GCDF
Allison Norris Kettering, OH GCDF-18232 GCDF
Sarah Mason Bellevue, OH GCDF-18243 GCDF
Mark Pellegrino Newark, OH GCDF-18246 GCDF
Christine Hale Lakewood, OH GCDF-18248 GCDF
Anna Coburn Kettering, OH GCDF-18280 GCDF
Holly Miller Luckey, OH GCDF-18281 GCDF
Angela Crowder Leesburg, OH GCDF-18282 GCDF
Jennifer Brenner Homerville, OH GCDF-18283 GCDF
Sara Trejo Defiance, OH GCDF-18285 GCDF
Tammy Kennedy St Marys, OH GCDF-18286 GCDF
Melissa Walker Mansfield, OH GCDF-18287 GCDF
Paula Ray Clayton, OH GCDF-18288 GCDF
Jana Strzalka West Liberty, OH GCDF-18289 GCDF
Bradley Warnkin Cleveland, OH GCDF-18290 GCDF
Alexus Miller Schmenk Toledo, OH GCDF-18293 GCDF
Francetta Hines Cleveland, OH GCDF-18294 GCDF
Joanie Hines Lancaster, OH GCDF-18295 GCDF
Joseph Restle Perrysburg, OH GCDF-18296 GCDF
Michele Stowe Caya Madison, OH GCDF-18297 GCDF
Robert Cornett Wapakoneta, OH GCDF-18298 GCDF
Valerie Mannon Northwood, OH GCDF-18300 GCDF
Shelia Cunningham Tallmadge, OH GCDF-18302 GCDF
Craig Wieczorek Toledo, OH GCDF-18303 GCDF
Galen Wade Mingo Junction, OH GCDF-18305 GCDF
Carrie Arnold Swanton, OH GCDF-18306 GCDF
Krystal Faulkner Dayton, OH GCDF-18307 GCDF
Jennifer Kelbley Columbus, OH GCDF-18308 GCDF
Trisha Foos Fremont, OH GCDF-18309 GCDF
Casey Morrow Norwalk, OH GCDF-18311 GCDF
Arcadia Thurn Clyde, OH GCDF-18312 GCDF
Steven Roberts Coolville, OH GCDF-18313 GCDF
Renee Livas Port Clinton, OH GCDF-18314 GCDF
Abby Roberts Fostoria, OH GCDF-18315 GCDF
Melissa Boettner Cincinnati, OH GCDF-18321 GCDF
Tonya Kline Newton Falls, OH GCDF-18332 GCDF
Erin Willoughby Donnelsville, OH GCDF-18333 GCDF
Joseph Crestani Fairview Park, OH GCDF-18337 GCDF
Hesana Ralston Sheffield Village, OH GCDF-18340 GCDF
Candace Edmonds Fremont, OH GCDF-18344 GCDF
Charles Berry Blacklick, OH GCDF-18345 GCDF
Oretha Barnett South Euclid, OH GCDF-18349 GCDF
Lana Pavey Washington Court House, OH GCDF-18353 GCDF
Kim Lakner Cuyahoga Falls, OH GCDF-18362 GCDF
Suzanne Cole Bloomville, OH GCDF-18369 GCDF
Barbara Nicodemus Piqua, OH GCDF-18373 GCDF
William Hill West Unity, OH GCDF-18374 GCDF
Vicki Six Navarre, OH GCDF-18375 GCDF
Tracy Mayor Warren, OH GCDF-18376 GCDF
Monique Patterson Middletown, OH GCDF-18380 GCDF
Linda Penix Mogadore, OH GCDF-18381 GCDF
Angelia Werner Kent, OH GCDF-18383 GCDF
Michala Sheridan Seaman, OH GCDF-18384 GCDF
Tiffany Warren Cincinnati, OH GCDF-18385 GCDF
Diane Davis Batavia, OH GCDF-18386 GCDF
Kathy Stevens Jackson, OH GCDF-18387 GCDF
Michelle Phelps Maple Heights, OH GCDF-18403 GCDF
Jenny Gutwein Medina, OH GCDF-18405 GCDF
Jamie Jordan Piketon, OH GCDF-18410 GCDF
Debra Brown Marysville, OH GCDF-18412 GCDF
Rico Aliers Massillon, OH GCDF-18417 GCDF
Kim Clark Londonderry, OH GCDF-18424 GCDF
Mikki Flannery Coolville, OH GCDF-18426 GCDF
Jeremy Cordes Elyria, OH GCDF-18427 GCDF
NaShay Kendrick Ravenna, OH GCDF-18430 GCDF
Margaret Savko Youngstown, OH GCDF-18432 GCDF
Stephanie Bokor Parma, OH GCDF-18436 GCDF
Kelly Williams Dayton, OH GCDF-18437 GCDF
Denise Stanley Hillsboro, OH GCDF-18447 GCDF
Melody Brown Bidwell, OH GCDF-18452 GCDF
Sarah Laws Amelia, OH GCDF-18457 GCDF
Stacia Rosebrook Raymond, OH GCDF-18467 GCDF
Samuel Davidson Ray, OH GCDF-18468 GCDF
Abigail Clifford Akron, OH GCDF-18471 GCDF
Susan Bratt Wellsville, OH GCDF-18472 GCDF
Carolina Bejarano Eyl Stow, OH GCDF-18477 GCDF
Aisha Myles Dayton, OH GCDF-18479 GCDF
Anastasia Campbell Tripp City, OH GCDF-18480 GCDF
Jill Cates West Chester, OH GCDF-18485 GCDF
Marti Budway Lorain, OH GCDF-18494 GCDF
Molly Weber Kettering, OH GCDF-18495 GCDF
Guadalupe Taylor Alledonia, OH GCDF-18497 GCDF
Jeffrey Adams Springfield, OH GCDF-18498 GCDF
Megan Kimberlin Sandusky, OH GCDF-18500 GCDF
Shane Morrison Xenia, OH GCDF-18501 GCDF
Terra Reed Elyria, OH GCDF-18505 GCDF
Cindy Illig Cleveland, OH GCDF-18506 GCDF
Angela Smith Akron, OH GCDF-18510 GCDF
Doreen Block Youngstown, OH GCDF-18520 GCDF
Robin Guiler Akron, OH GCDF-18524 GCDF
Dawn Lavensky Akron, OH GCDF-18525 GCDF
Judith Schultz Xenia, OH GCDF-18531 GCDF
Joleta Parker Kettering, OH GCDF-18536 GCDF
Eric Thayer Fairborn, OH HS-BCP-0112 HS-BCP
Thomas McElfresh Dayton, OH HS-BCP-1723 HS-BCP
Katherine Sara Marysville, OH 1112834 NCC
Shirley Woolfolk Cleveland, OH HS-BCP-5493 HS-BCP
Tressa Arnold Mount Gilead, OH HS-BCP-5512 HS-BCP
Jennifer Arny Centerburg, OH HS-BCP-5538 HS-BCP
Gwendolyn Helton Vandalia, OH HS-BCP-5800 HS-BCP
Brittany Arling Cincinnati, OH HS-BCP-6438 HS-BCP
Leslie Fehrman Ridenbaugh Coshocton, OH HS-BCP-6629 HS-BCP
Chelahnnhe Lyons Etna, OH HS-BCP-6688 HS-BCP
Ashley Zuo Fairfield, OH HS-BCP-6760 HS-BCP
Patricia Hampshire Lima, OH HS-BCP-7050 HS-BCP
Michelle Glatt Cincinnati, OH HS-BCP-7117 HS-BCP
Melody Shupe Bidwell, OH HS-BCP-7231 HS-BCP
Sharon Cross New Albany, OH HS-BCP-7778 HS-BCP
Douglas Osborne Caldwell, OH HS-BCP-7797 HS-BCP
Alexandria Burns Dayton, OH GCDF-18664 GCDF
Michael Thompson Akron, OH GCDF-18503 GCDF
Christine Smudla Cleveland, OH GCDF-18504 GCDF
Shondell Thomas North Canton, OH GCDF-18526 GCDF
Dale Versteegen Medina, OH GCDF-18528 GCDF
Kirsten Avery Akron, OH GCDF-18622 GCDF
DeLena Brown Canton, OH GCDF-18623 GCDF
Monica Hill Midland, OH 718634 NCC
Daniela Allende Avon Lake, OH BCC-4995 BCC
Jay Poroda Columbus, OH BCC-5014 BCC
Brian Coleman Rocky River, OH GCDF-18672 GCDF
Preston Keith Saint Marys, OH GCDF-18668 GCDF
Erin Harris Eldorado, OH GCDF-18671 GCDF
Rachel Benders Cleveland, OH GCDF-18681 GCDF
Kevin Metz Warsaw, OH GCDF-18670 GCDF
Adreana Lopez Defiance, OH GCDF-18669 GCDF
Sommer Green Lebanon, OH GCDF-18653 GCDF
Joshua Hisle West Chester, OH GCDF-18652 GCDF
Lavonia Dulaney Euclid, OH GCDF-18651 GCDF
Louise Feciuch Rootstown, OH GCDF-18650 GCDF
Patricia Hoover Defiance, OH GCDF-18674 GCDF
Kristin Thomas South Lebanon, OH GCDF-18649 GCDF
Marjoyce Watkins Cleveland, OH GCDF-18648 GCDF
Jennifer Hixon Ironton, OH BC-TMH-3608 BC-TMH
Laura Donnelly Columbus, OH BC-TMH-3675 BC-TMH
Emmy Beeson Findlay, OH BCC-5002 BCC
Megan Hoon Wickliffe, OH, OH BC-TMH-3611 BC-TMH
Joseph Alexander Solon, OH BC-TMH-3677 BC-TMH
Natasha Nichols Solon, OH BC-TMH-3619 BC-TMH
Mei Yeung Jeffery Medina, OH BC-TMH-3607 BC-TMH
Courtney Meder Cincinnati, OH BC-TMH-3626 BC-TMH
Allison Dietz Pataskala, OH BC-TMH-3640 BC-TMH
Julie Kays Cincinnati, OH BC-TMH-3633 BC-TMH
Alexandra Jeffire Delaware, OH BC-TMH-3663 BC-TMH
Pandora Robertson Cleveland Heights, OH BCC-5033 BCC
Sasha Downey Jamestown, OH BC-TMH-3609 BC-TMH
Ary'Anah Walker Warren, OH BC-TMH-3655 BC-TMH
Sarah Macovitz Youngstown, OH BC-TMH-3630 BC-TMH
Allison Loeb-Munson Beachwood, OH BC-TMH-3669 BC-TMH
Sarah Hughes Loveland, OH BC-TMH-3621 BC-TMH
Tatiana Mitchell Columbus, OH 1236232 State Licensure
Ella Weymiller Cincinnati, OH 1229909 NCC
Tyffani Monford Dent Maple Heights, OH BC-TMH-3616 BC-TMH
Hailee Carter Hamilton, OH 267409 NCC
James Hollenbach Perrysville, OH 1569653 NCC
Nicholas Sollenberger Columbus, OH BCC-5001 BCC
Taylor Jones Hubbard, OH 1694149 State Licensure
Michael Black Lakewood, OH BCC-5022 BCC
Jason Sheller Kent, OH 957397 NCC
Martha Marie Nicks Cincinnati, OH GCDF-18779 GCDF-Instructor
Bonita Ashe Dayton, OH 1627942 NCC
Bryan Wortmann Cleveland, OH GCDF-18801 GCDF
Dinisha Paul Toledo, OH 1232192 NCC
Joshua Elliott Cincinnati, OH 613666 NCC
Paul Owen Cincinnati, OH 1585120 NCC
Toni Cluse Northfield, OH GCDF-18846 GCDF
Emily Sherwood Sidney, OH 1441027 NCC
Amy Weller Miamisburg, OH 1655516 State Licensure
Nicole Schwan Mason, OH 1247790 State Licensure
Courtney Collins Newark, OH 1440407 NCC
Aklilu Debas Cincinnati, OH 1718503 State Licensure
Leneigh White Strongsville, OH 50388 NCC
Raymond Monge Cleveland, OH 1586902 NCC
Anna Pisanelli Lakemore, OH 1474944 State Licensure
Marshall Karp Massillon, OH 11368 NCC
Tricia Love Heath, OH 470760 State Licensure
Elizabeth O'Donnell Westlake, OH 57128 NCC
Exquisite Riddle Lancaster, OH 1372609 NCC
KAREN NEIMEISTER Chagrin Falls, OH 1719721 State Licensure
Donna Thomas Cortland, OH 247333 NCC
Kerry Howland Hillsboro, OH 811447 State Licensure
Allyse Myers Canal Winchester, OH 1372938 NCC
Mary Hoffman Steubenville, OH 1657210 NCC
Leslie LeFevre Whitehouse, OH 285594 NCC
Noha Marie-Helene Everetts Medina, OH 23193 NCC
Zina Petrov Lakewood, OH 983611 NCC
Taytiana Galloway-Thomas Cincinnati, OH 816633 State Licensure
Nicole Ridzi Canton, OH 758872 NCC
Hannah Barahona Cincinnati, OH 1680991 State Licensure
Nicole Tiberi Columbus, OH 1229469 NCC
Michele Cannon Dayton, OH 323841 NCC
Sandra Garchar Youngstown, OH 60225 NCC
Jenna Slingluff SOUTHINGTON, OH 1694760 State Licensure
Tonya Williams-Smith Maple Heights, OH 1705067 State Licensure
C Christopher Pawson Toledo, OH 46217 NCC
Melissa Haag-Costin Cincinnati, OH 243556 NCC
Lizabeth Preston Highland, OH 1378529 NCC
Tiffanie Ferguson Massillon, OH 91294 NCC
Gwendolyn Ashby Sugarcreek Twp, OH 1534438 NCC
Rebecca McConnell Roseville, OH 1095073 NCC
Hannah Todaro Cleveland, OH 1428120 State Licensure
Alexis Reed Kettering, OH 1625429 NCC
Elizabeth Crutchley Akron, OH 478851 State Licensure
Dionna Ward Cincinnati, OH 1718684 State Licensure
Rachael Zaffiro Liberty Township, OH 1273983 NCC
Julie Tapin Lusk Milford, OH 15688 NCC
Kelson Zehr Cincinnati, OH 57417 NCC
Crystal Trout Coolville, OH 330083 NCC
Natalie Charlton Cadiz, OH 1551960 NCC
Margo Smith-Joseph Cincinnati, OH 83884 NCC
Denita Hudson Clayton, OH 275825 NCC
Autumn Sierra-Holloway Cleveland Heights, OH 1717481 State Licensure
Lucy Golden Girard, OH 1499059 State Licensure
Mary Nebergall Cincinnati, OH 1694447 State Licensure
Virginia Bell Barnesville, OH 573333 State Licensure
Katie Kemper Cincinnati, OH 800535 State Licensure
Trish Staiger Seville, OH 260952 NCC
Elizabeth Gray Terrace Park, OH 682706 NCC
Virgil Walker Twinsburg, OH 1586424 NCC
Alexandra Bischof Columbus, OH 1655294 NCC
Ronna G Posta Solon, OH 29962 NCC
Cassandra Storlie Kent, OH 90908 NCC
Kaitlin Kazee Chillicothe, OH 1236224 State Licensure
Adrienne Lombardi Bay Village, OH 1721508 State Licensure
Brittney Green Cincinnati, OH 1706276 State Licensure
Teresa Dement Logan, OH 833391 NCC
Tevin Drosky Republic, OH 796840 State Licensure
Gabrielle Brooks Dublin, OH 1227481 State Licensure
Olivia Mackey Seville, OH 1692308 State Licensure
Laura Johnson Columbus, OH 1674306 NCC
Amanda Groves Seven Hills, OH 1568795 State Licensure
Jacquelyn Drdek NORTH ROYALTON, OH 1427173 State Licensure
Matthew Benic Cincinnati, OH 707020 NCC
Aliza Prokop Vienna, OH 1261661 NCC
Tammy Nixon Columbus, OH 1643358 State Licensure
Ashley Studley Dayton, OH 982814 State Licensure
Jerra Huxford Toledo, OH 998356 NCC
Gabrielle Poliseno Hilliard, OH 1547087 State Licensure
Lena Harris Cleveland, OH 1123951 State Licensure
James Andujar Hilliard, OH 1236230 State Licensure
Delores Baughman Tipp City, OH 28253 NCC
Ryan Lacey South Euclid, OH 1379485 State Licensure
Carol Marie Jaxson-Jager Dayton, OH 91485 NCC
Shanelle Toney Youngstown, OH 1618783 State Licensure
Shannon Powell Beaver, OH 232886 NCC
Alona Kahrig Woodsfield, OH 933702 NCC
Amy Slattery Hicksville, OH 1643300 State Licensure
Rachael Wolter Akron, OH 1230343 NCC
Jennifer Rastetter Akron, OH 859114 NCC
Cassandra Abbott BRUNSWICK, OH 1166430 NCC
Shaunquelle Sapp Kent, OH 1645544 State Licensure
Tina Simmons Toledo, OH 831757 State Licensure
Shazia Naurin Hilliard, OH 1568537 NCC
Natalie Cross Ketler Massillon, OH 1721573 State Licensure
Rylee Doherty Columbus, OH 1674001 NCC
Paul McManis The Plains, OH 889743 State Licensure
Rachelle Byrnes Mount Vernon, OH 759138 NCC
Kathleen Blackburn Cincinnati, OH 64119 NCC
Sierra Palardy Steubenville, OH 1657208 NCC
Bo Young Jun Columbus, OH 755529 NCC
Whitney Fricke Columbus, OH 890208 NCC
Samuel Kisner Cleveland, OH 1534643 NCC
Rubin Battino Yellow Spgs, OH 3481 NCC
Brett Salkin Northfield, OH 16659 NCC
Rashida Pearson Cincinnati, OH 405278 State Licensure
Melinda Phillips Warrensville heights, OH 1404324 State Licensure
Sajdah Uddin Columbus, OH 1616141 State Licensure
Jessica Sawmiller Toledo, OH 884887 State Licensure
Cynthia Ruberg Gahanna, OH 29633 NCC
Jacqueline Duc Cincinnati, OH 1000452 NCC
Kanwaldeep Singh Mason, OH 611571 NCC
Margaret Anderson Cincinnati, OH 221215 NCC
Christina Lloyd Austintown, OH 633322 NCC
Meredith Murphy New Albany, OH BCC-4060 BCC
Stacy Eleo Alonzo Medina, OH GCDF-6096 GCDF
Keith Sun Loveland, OH GCDF-17301 GCDF
Monica Hill Midland, OH 718634 CCMHC
Tatiana Mitchell Columbus, OH 1236232 NCC
James Hollenbach Perrysville, OH BC-TMH-3693 BC-TMH
Nicole Ridzi Canton, OH 758872 CCMHC
Kaitlin Kazee Chillicothe, OH 1236224 NCC
Gabrielle Poliseno Hilliard, OH 1547087 NCC
Alona Kahrig Woodsfield, OH 933702 State Licensure
Shelby Rudloff Dayton, OH 1428297 State Licensure
Brandon Tomlinson Fremont, OH 1168619 NCC
Lynne Guillot Miller Stow, OH 72867 NCC
Shelby Rudloff Dayton, OH 1428297 NCC
Erin Calhoun Dubin, OH 1719340 State Licensure
Patina Nelson cincinnati, OH 1585810 State Licensure
Nadia Beraun Fuchs Cleveland, OH 1673242 State Licensure
Annabelle Spencer Toledo, OH 1462140 NCC
Shari Morrison Washingtonville, OH 1095535 NCC
Joseph McKenzie Springfield, OH 18140 NCC
Irene Dirksen Dayton, OH 2383 NCC
Jillian Miller Plain City, OH 1231747 NCC
Ian Appelbaum Cleveland Heights, OH 1721246 State Licensure
Rebecca Sales Cincinnati, OH 1034826 NCC
Jason Chandler Loveland, OH 1229232 NCC
Jill Watson New Philadelphia, OH 363608 State Licensure
Joanne Holloway Maple Heights, OH 1569794 State Licensure
Eric Cline Warren, OH 810068 State Licensure
Benjamin Hearn Cincinnati, OH 858329 NCC
Kelly Selover Troy, OH 304922 NCC
Nicole Strome Crestline, OH 889529 NCC
Karen J Taskey Lancaster, OH 33954 CCMHC
Kelsey Wilson Oakwood, OH 303557 NCC
Catherine Eveland Chillicothe, OH 1236222 NCC
Karen McCollough Cleveland, OH 330111 NCC
Anthony Murer Perrysburg, OH 1657813 NCC
Ronald Colonna South Euclid, OH 16949 NCC
Tammi Dillhoff Pistone Brookville, OH 48423 NCC
Misty Wyen Cincinnati, OH 1404809 NCC
Adina Adler Cincinnati, OH 1584249 NCC
Sandra Mowery Canton, OH 1000108 State Licensure
Laura Petitti Independence, OH 890199 NCC
Paula Allen Lima, OH 831077 State Licensure
Ernest White Blacklick, OH 1719432 State Licensure
Flash Phipps Portsmouth, OH 253272 NCC
Douglas Boose North Ridgeville, OH 743314 State Licensure
Julie Reed Westlake, OH 1000011 NCC
Linda Hernandez Lorain, OH 743802 State Licensure
Megan Lesheski Hilliard, OH 1533772 State Licensure
Samantha Goley Germantown, OH 1141699 NCC
Erica Porter Perrysburg, OH 1700109 State Licensure
Yuting Tian Mason, OH 883018 NCC
Susan Robinson Newark, OH 204017 NCC
Sarah Mignogna Chagrin Falls, OH 1721141 State Licensure
Andrea Kuehne Columbus, OH 800857 State Licensure
Marlon Williamson Westerville, OH 462421 State Licensure
David Carroll Mansfield, OH 1553074 State Licensure
Kayla Hawk Northwood, OH 1202676 State Licensure
Ryan Majher South Point, OH 1692716 State Licensure
Amy Tucker Powhatan Pt, OH 889737 NCC
Darleen Kotas Columbiana, OH 817825 State Licensure
Kelly Stuhldreher Canton, OH 959161 NCC
Cameron Baylor Navarre, OH 1722044 State Licensure
Matthew Mazzaro Cleves, OH 1235922 NCC
Brittany Gumm Proctorville, OH 1677140 State Licensure
Kacey Gardner crestline, OH 1570009 State Licensure
Kristy Holt Bay Village, OH 1372925 NCC
Stephen Dunleavey Wadsworth, OH 227117 NCC
Katherine Nelson Moody University Ht, OH 803110 NCC
Julie Knapp Toledo, OH 1285598 State Licensure
Mary Judith Wilson Kettering, OH 41223 NCC
Carlie Stephens Wickliffe, OH 1706880 State Licensure
Tina Tabler Canton, OH 1703434 State Licensure
Angelique Hardwick LANCASTER, OH 1236187 NCC
Janell Supanich Chippewa Lake, OH 1372188 NCC
Alexis Clement Elyria, OH 1721393 State Licensure
Mindy Lawson Hillsboro, OH 1583580 NCC
Nicole Weaver Wadsworth, OH 1550294 NCC
Meghan Ritter Lakewood, OH 336328 NCC
Lori Davis Chillicothe, OH 996255 NCC
Sarah Callihan Dayton, OH 1601320 NCC
Betty Barlow Valley City, OH 28552 NCC
Monica Bolton Harrison, OH 1097601 NCC
Jacob Irey Lakewood, OH 1126406 NCC
Clare Jordan Columbus, OH 308038 NCC
Kelly Lockwood Union, OH 599697 State Licensure
Stephanie Brooke Youngstown, OH 1375332 State Licensure
Alizia McBride Toledo, OH 1656359 NCC
Jeffrey Purvis Loveland, OH 1057449 NCC
Enjie Hall Toledo, OH 278115 NCC
Christine Weber Youngstown, OH 1024159 NCC
Keelie Wimberley Columbus, OH 1641973 NCC
Sarah Roper Toledo, OH 1140196 NCC
Whitney Folsom-Lecouffe McDermott, OH 1427619 NCC
Joseph Humphries Poland, OH 34227 NCC
Carol Williams West Chester, OH 30561 NCC
Bobi Whitinger Goshen, OH 1378436 NCC
Michael Weatherford Cleveland, OH 320411 NCC
Miata Murphy Toledo, OH 1701827 State Licensure
Carrie Coble Bowling Green, OH 495329 State Licensure
Kateri Kenney Pickerington, OH 1587390 NCC
Monica Reider Parma, OH 258350 NCC
William Ford Sr LEBANON, OH 1645127 State Licensure
Paul Young Springfeild, OH 1068931 State Licensure
Kelley Garrity Oakwood, OH 75907 NCC
Lauren Latham Marietta, OH 1092248 NCC
Stephanie Merrilees Cincinnati, OH 1229371 NCC
Sandra Guilfoyle Waldo, OH 246914 NCC
Mark Londeree Worthington, OH 338300 NCC
Sandra Flaherty New Albany, OH 235885 NCC
Stacey Durkin Youngstown, OH 667938 NCC
Megan Howard Kent, OH 1678335 NCC
Sarah Lanman Cincinnati, OH 208571 NCC
Erika Moton Streetsboro, OH 1202581 State Licensure
Robin Bennie South Euclid, OH 271228 NCC
QuJane Gordon Cuyahoga Fls, OH 294312 NCC
Gina Pattison Wooster, OH 1284707 State Licensure
Samuel Rake Carroll, OH 1124084 State Licensure
Tamika Thomas Cincinnati, OH 1248015 State Licensure
Cheryl Abshire Rittman, OH 871631 State Licensure
Courtney Smoot Westerville, OH 1533922 State Licensure
Moricia Stanley Cleveland, OH 1655515 NCC
Amanda Gill Akron, OH 1112610 NCC
Cheyann Fehrman Cambridge, OH 1641305 State Licensure
Kenneth Jenkins Ironton, OH 1550165 NCC
Julionne Brown Euclid, OH 427459 State Licensure
Karri Smith Miamisburg, OH 1441031 NCC
Nicole Terry Cincinnati, OH 1533154 State Licensure
Michelle Krugh Hamilton, OH 815295 State Licensure
Andrew Herbell North Royalton, OH 1401991 NCC
Kelley Kramer Sieger Worthington, OH 1139625 NCC
Danielle Hammonds Newark, OH 1654773 NCC
Ashley Hickman Galion, OH 1429766 NCC
Julie Gillespie Centerville, OH 332998 NCC
Dianne D Andrews Solon, OH 34983 NCC
Trikeena Thomas Dayton, OH 1672886 State Licensure
Brooke Lambert Harrison, OH 1721971 State Licensure
Mallory Phillips Hamilton, OH 1093741 NCC
Erickeysha Conard S Euclid, OH 1372847 State Licensure
Richard Fajardo Westerville, OH 1272020 NCC
Luis Arroyo Poland, OH 13173 NCC
Marjorie Clark Cleveland Heights, OH 1620627 State Licensure
Mary Talbert Columbus, OH 8382 NCC
Alora Bharmota Columbus, OH 1626949 NCC
Hannah Lowe Painesville, OH 1112814 NCC
Louis Busacca Cleveland, OH 47766 NCC
Joseph Zarlino Columbus, OH 970170 State Licensure
Sandra Bach Greenfield, OH 350238 NCC
Sandra Stanko Canfield, OH 22417 NCC
Ramona O Halverson Columbus, OH 34617 NCC
Christine Dunn Boardman, OH 11777 NCC
Elizabeth McGinnis Columbus, OH 300522 NCC
Delores Livingston Wintersville, OH 657114 NCC
Jennifer Gregan Shadyside, OH 857571 State Licensure
Venus Tombakoglu Hudson, OH 1599480 NCC
Stephanie M Marshall Columbus, OH 266819 NCC
Matthew Brown Cincinnati, OH 1001354 State Licensure
Matthew Taylor Parma, OH 970299 NCC
Shana Edwards Akron, OH 983895 State Licensure
Akiko Marui Cincinnati, OH 57091 NCC
Sherriea Jackson Shaker, OH 645960 State Licensure
Kelly Cruz Cincinnati, OH 1549501 State Licensure
Saba Khalid Strongsville, OH 1427855 NCC
Caitlin Ewing Eastlake, OH 1274040 State Licensure
Jennie Statczar Columbus, OH 1378987 State Licensure
Jennie Levak Peninsula, OH 1549256 NCC
Shelly Johnson Bryan, OH 1402011 NCC
Deanna Tackett Ravenna, OH 998467 NCC
Aimee Koosh Uniontown, OH 684614 NCC
Catherine Terreri Krizan Painesville, OH 22753 NCSC
Alexander Dolin Lancaster, OH 1402283 NCC
Cassie Williams Lewis Center, OH 250540 NCC
Marirhetta Crosby Cleveland Hts, OH 1401380 NCC
Carl Mathews Jr Warren, OH 1427618 NCC
Sara Maidaa Youngstown, OH 1625312 NCC
Kristen Kukura Youngstown, OH 1215628 State Licensure
Briana McCalmon Morrow, OH 1497854 State Licensure
Tamarine Foreman Athens, OH 89931 NCC
Patricia Carroll Canton, OH 1643719 State Licensure
Kelsey Mozdzierz Columbus, OH 1164987 NCC
Christina Durham Marietta, OH 1426495 State Licensure
Hilda R Glazer Bexley, OH 26888 NCC
Lauren Doyle Bellaire, OH 1096201 NCC
Julie Nguyen Lakewood, OH 803532 State Licensure
Lerrien Fannon Cincinnati, OH 1357618 State Licensure
Lindsey Eversole Columbus, OH 1236223 NCC
Rosemary Vacc Highland Hts, OH 32246 NCC
Carolyn Hall Cleveland, OH 280301 NCC
Diana Day Columbus, OH 219723 NCC
Christina Scott Portsmouth, OH 684571 NCC
Beth Woyshville Cleveland, OH 1166149 NCC
Latonya Reese Cincinnait, OH 1641983 NCC
Monica Riedell Fairborn, OH 1721389 State Licensure
Sarah Dean Cadiz, OH 259726 NCC
Stacie Ann Cordle Wilkens Plain City, OH 900796 CCMHC
Tia Webb Eaton, OH 260601 NCC
Kirstan Beatty Mason, OH 301398 NCC
Dawn Fitch Cleveland, OH 998466 State Licensure
Molly Steele Beavercreek, OH 1249442 NCC
Candyce Fellows South Euclid, OH 971272 State Licensure
Diane Delk Columbus, OH 74257 NCC
Erin Van Wey Canton, OH 262172 NCC
Chantelle Gallihugh Lancaster, OH 1429362 NCC
Dawna Eplion Chesapeake, OH 334022 NCC
Stephanie Flynn Strongsville, OH 1234760 NCC
Janis County Oberlin, OH 90016 NCC
Jennifer Garner Cincinnati, OH 1568724 State Licensure
Lital Ruderman Oberlin, OH 1371756 NCC
Kimberly Butler Findlay, OH 1405398 NCC
Kathryn Russ Cincinnati, OH 83213 NCC
Jessica Brewster Streetsboro, OH 1035300 State Licensure
Lisa Chase-Miller New Carlisle, OH 1674271 NCC
Denise Cunningham Boardman, OH 84254 NCC
Michael Dennis Van Wert, OH 454593 State Licensure
Thomas Collura Bedford, OH 311403 NCC
Seth Ungemach Euclid, OH 1585010 NCC
Nick Ziza Dayton, OH 40958 NCC
Robert McKinney Cuyahoga Fls, OH 331049 NCC
Corey Anderson Olmsted Falls, OH 1643263 State Licensure
Charisse Crump Pataskala, OH 1167159 State Licensure
Robyn Cooper Cleveland, OH 684977 NCC
Shelbie Ely Mentor, OH 276853 NCC
Kimberly Toles Toledo, OH 808107 State Licensure
Traci Abraham Wakeman, OH 1404515 State Licensure
Kristen Lammie Columbus, OH 998469 NCC
Jordan Knipper Deleware, OH 933046 NCC
Brian Nowak Parma, OH 24555 MAC
Gina Aiello Youngstown, OH 1617775 NCC
Seyi Laseinde Springboro, OH 1718005 State Licensure
Sharon Tittl Cuyahoga Falls, OH 995407 State Licensure
Jared Rose Holland, OH 312065 NCC
Sherri Burkert Monclova, OH 565913 State Licensure
James Bunch Washington Court House, OH 794692 State Licensure
Irene Giessl Cincinnati, OH 3566 NCC
Anthony Meek North Ridgeville, OH 932948 NCC
Cathryn Rench Steubenville, OH 264267 NCC
Adriene Garr Fairfield, OH 884030 State Licensure
Karolina Kristof Seven Hills, OH 1641903 NCC
Maria Shuler Granville, OH 1568426 State Licensure
Marissa Sander Cleves, OH 1011726 NCC
Jaymon Walker Toledo, OH 385956 State Licensure
April Kirkwood Poland, OH 633869 NCC
Alan Gecht University Heights, OH 477056 State Licensure
Mollie Kopp Rocky River, OH 1601129 NCC
Robert Loper CANTON, OH 1587763 NCC
Cindy Ann Donaldson West Carrollton, OH 33394 CCMHC
Amy Holsinger Wheelersburg, OH 215051 NCC
Karen Kriss Wadsworth, OH 34229 NCC
Jill Kocanyar Berlin Center, OH 882479 NCC
Crystal Edens Perrysburg, OH 308875 NCC
Marlene C Hanisko Struthers, OH 4028 NCC
Amanda VanHorne Findlay, OH 1250637 State Licensure
Vladimir Mordashov Medina, OH 1629453 NCC
Danielle Geigle Bremen, OH 717743 State Licensure
Patricia Dudley Akron, OH 645109 NCC
Nichole George Dripps Youngstown, OH 1567830 State Licensure
Jane Dooley Powell, OH 266133 NCC
Vivian Minto Steubenville, OH 802914 State Licensure
Peggy Treece-Myles Wauseon, OH 55690 NCC
Diane Seaton Bellas Highland Hgts, OH 38963 NCC
Adam Hawk Steubenville, OH 1474599 NCC
Tammy Stevens Middleburg Hts, OH 1533016 NCC
Lucy Callahan Yellow Springs, OH 1375196 NCC
Emily Slusarz Cleveland Heights, OH 1231116 NCC
Vanessa Rogers Milford, OH 1126189 NCC
Kevin Feisthamel Aurora, OH 230708 NCC
Lavonia DePasquale Canton, OH 1153681 State Licensure
Desiree Stoffer Malvern, OH 1570872 State Licensure
Eric Cline Warren, OH 810068 NCC
Karen J Taskey Lancaster, OH 33954 NCC
Catherine Eveland Chillicothe, OH 1236222 State Licensure
Ronald Colonna South Euclid, OH 16949 CCMHC
Katherine Nelson Moody University Ht, OH 803110 State Licensure
Christine Dunn Boardman, OH 11777 MAC
Saba Khalid Strongsville, OH 1427855 State Licensure
Catherine Terreri Krizan Painesville, OH 22753 NCC
Stacie Ann Cordle Wilkens Plain City, OH 900796 NCC
Janis County Oberlin, OH 90016 NCSC
Brian Nowak Parma, OH 24555 NCC
Cindy Ann Donaldson West Carrollton, OH 33394 NCC
Danielle Geigle Bremen, OH 717743 State Licensure
Veronica Saulog-Berry Oakwood, OH 259531 CCMHC
Hansori Jang Daejeon, OH 957524 NCC
Jennifer Prichard Dayton, OH 831239 NCC
Charla Shellenberger West Liberty, OH 1676141 State Licensure
Veronica Saulog-Berry Oakwood, OH 259531 NCC
Pamela Pitts Cincinnati, OH 759564 State Licensure
Emmett Drugan Ravenna, OH 1570962 NCC
Francesca Frazeskos Warren, OH 1707195 State Licensure
Carissa Henry Steubenville, OH 633830 NCC
Henya Rennert Cleveland, OH 1462584 NCC
Helen Skogstrom Clarksville, OH 14394 NCC
Billy Bloom Batavia, OH 302196 NCC
Briana Brown Athens, OH 1545722 NCC
Georgie Bracy blacklick, OH 1676295 State Licensure
Terry Webb Maple Heights, OH 294651 NCC
Susan Abossein Dayton, OH 9129 NCC
Heidi Eversole Cincinnati, OH 1113112 State Licensure
Stephenie Niewoehner Cincinnati, OH 239725 NCC
Derricka Barron Parma, OH 1721669 State Licensure
Sandra McMullin Hartville, OH 283153 NCC
Christine Myers Coshocton, OH 1230420 NCC
Heidi Helman Mount Gilead, OH 799094 State Licensure
Aaron Engel Worthington, OH 1585613 NCC
Amy Durtschi Powell, OH 1373490 NCC
Brittney Lindway Broadview Heights, OH 1427084 NCC
john dye groveport, OH 1568243 State Licensure
Steven Gehler Milford, OH 541178 State Licensure
Carla Davis Akron, OH 1678421 State Licensure
Christopher Amato Shaker Heights, OH 1644303 State Licensure
Sadiqah Jami Lakewood, OH 1510777 State Licensure
Christina Martinez Oregon, OH 1057489 State Licensure
William Mosier Waterford, OH 1717268 State Licensure
Rachel Secttor Columbus, OH 625609 NCC
James E Sulik New Waterford, OH 17200 NCC
Scott Culver Fairborn, OH 1641856 State Licensure
Jim T Moore Troy, OH 40209 NCC
Kimberly Brown Highland Hgts, OH 62816 NCC
Ravza Ozturk Dublin, OH 1658039 NCC
Victoria Pribble Olmsted Falls, OH 1112942 NCC
Alexandra Schenck Akron, OH 1215993 State Licensure
Allan Brainard Medina, OH 1624821 State Licensure
Roxanne Sunderland Jackson, OH 1583813 NCC
Amanda Chen Oxford, OH 1655663 NCC
Tyler Hudson Delaware, OH 882601 State Licensure
Brooke Schmidt Fairborn, OH 1001187 NCC
Rose Bell Cleveland Hts, OH 47946 NCC
Nathan Titkemeier Dublin, OH 1233218 NCC
Caroline Hamblin West Alexandria, OH 1569373 NCC
Shayla Caudill-McNally McArthur, OH 997803 NCC
Peter Lobert Columbus, OH 1566236 State Licensure
Melissa Copanic Boardman, OH 1719528 State Licensure
Gillian Warner Ashland, OH 1718974 State Licensure
Cynthia Wojtasik Chagrin Falls, OH 21346 NCC
Kayla Sabatino Barnesville, OH 1599453 NCC
Maureen Tuley Lakewood, OH 1697492 State Licensure
Alexandra Barnes Worthington, OH 833590 NCC
Scott Brown Toledo, OH 857561 State Licensure
Caitlin Dunn Maumee, OH 756503 NCC
Erin Weber Bolivar, OH 1180090 NCC
Mia Hall COLUMBUS, OH 957530 State Licensure
Allyson Hock Cincinnati, OH 1035715 State Licensure
Amanda McBride Gahanna, OH 1601467 NCC
Harlow Walker MOUNT VERNON, OH 1660506 NCC
Virginia Malloy Seven Hills, OH 1717270 State Licensure
Chad Hickman Minford, OH 1249889 State Licensure
Davina Pettaway Toledo, OH 1721433 State Licensure
Katelyn Mason North Canton, OH 794013 State Licensure
Clifford Sweinhagen Maumee, OH 1676337 State Licensure
Saliha Qadir Avon, OH 996707 NCC
Lisa Davies Newark, OH 312296 NCC
Karen Graves Willoughby, OH 201017 NCC
Shelly Baxter Cincinnati, OH 1707161 State Licensure
Nicole Young North Canton, OH 1571248 State Licensure
Joshua Sams Hamilton, OH 1545595 State Licensure
Lisa Zaehringer Oakwood, OH 285546 NCC
Deborah Pennington Cincinnati, OH 818593 State Licensure
Mary Reed Canton, OH 1705970 State Licensure
Allison Smith Galena, OH 886820 NCC
LaTonya McKinney Dayton, OH 830443 NCC
Brendan Rowe Bolivar, OH 1720859 State Licensure
Sandra E Perrotta Canfield, OH 5424 NCC
Lynda Kemp Dayton, OH 281485 NCC
Galen Sievert Akron, OH 669578 NCC
Paul Vernier Jr W Portsmouth, OH 225106 NCC
Carlie Grandjean Canton, OH 1718033 State Licensure
Dana Zarcone Chardon, OH 84392 NCC
Jasmine Lutz Westerville, OH 1497431 State Licensure
Claire Richard Steubenville, OH 1232428 NCC
Marilyn P Kimbrel Canton, OH 44291 NCC
Sophy Kutemperor Westerville, OH 632186 NCC
Jeffery Holcomb AVON LAKE, OH 1228729 State Licensure
BreAnna Phillips Dayton, OH 657362 NCC
John Dury Cincinnati, OH 49735 NCC
Ron Leonard Chagrin Falls, OH 1124254 NCC
Paul Culbertson Cuyahoga Falls, OH 1371747 NCC
Brittney Koren Louisville, OH 1717873 State Licensure
Daniel Blakeman Canfield, OH 890409 NCC
Sahar Khan Maumee, OH 1096482 NCC
Miriam Rivkin Cleveland Hts, OH 1552975 NCC
Kaitlin Nitz Toledo, OH 1058004 State Licensure
Amy Zavadil Dayton, OH 272366 NCC
Sherri Ray Waterville, OH 1035693 State Licensure
Megan Johnson Wilmington, OH 1378649 State Licensure
Dayamiaha Jones Columbus, OH 1234815 NCC
Daniel Amparbeng Columbus, OH 1236179 NCC
Cindy Thompson Mount Vernon, OH 645632 NCC
Arianna Music New Albany, OH 1657886 NCC
Austin Rausch Columbus, OH 1097686 NCC
Kailey Bradley Ashland, OH 1679562 NCC
Amos Jones Chillicothe, OH 489703 State Licensure
Carlos Bing Gahanna, OH 793862 State Licensure
Pamela Pasela Strongsville, OH 1035369 NCC
Karen McGibbon Findlay, OH 1215846 NCC
Lori Huston Chillicothe, OH 884979 State Licensure
Julie Artinian Callaway Sylvania, OH 70111 NCC
Carl Bogenschutz Worthington, OH 15180 NCC
Steven Patrick Batavia, OH 1274011 NCC
Judith Masaki Poland, OH 17160 NCC
Brandi Yackee Brook Park, OH 1024267 NCC
Jesse Yanke North Canton, OH 1717398 State Licensure
Christine Ferguson Delaware, OH 1405907 NCC
Denise Lewis Pickerington, OH 295231 NCC
Katelyn Atkinson Fairfield, OH 1585795 NCC
Kerry Copes Cleveland, OH 429524 State Licensure
Jeffrey Roberts Dayton, OH 1638 NCC
Kolin Van Winkle Mentor, OH 76761 CCMHC
Kristin Nisbett Warren, OH 1598309 State Licensure
Meghan Casey lima, OH 1429449 NCC
Chad Tredway St Clairsvle, OH 957302 NCC
Tisha Brown Batavia, OH 888702 State Licensure
Kaitlyn Rinehart Cedarville, OH 1201336 State Licensure
Samantha Ciambro Springboro, OH 625205 NCC
Richard Brewer Belpre, OH 1202429 State Licensure
Nicole Bihn Perrysburg, OH 90639 NCC
Hallie Ortiz Madison, OH 1585782 NCC
William Elwood Mayfield Hts, OH 26446 CCMHC
Alexis Patti Monroe, OH 1555319 NCC
Nicole Arlington Cincinnati, OH 281423 NCC
Marissa Hadney North Royalton, OH 1694061 State Licensure
Carter Haskins Ashland, OH 771440 State Licensure
Mackenzie Stoll Oberlin, OH 1372798 NCC
Juliet Russell Bellevue, OH 730667 NCC
Jessica Massey Ironton, OH 601192 State Licensure
Thomas Wilson Coshocton, OH 398429 State Licensure
Timara Hall Portsmouth, OH 1641098 NCC
Erica Wells Groveport, OH 1696629 State Licensure
Ashleigh Alexander Cincinnati, OH 1035705 NCC
Corrie Darocha Warren, OH 1554106 State Licensure
Lesha Malone Chillicothe, OH 1717431 State Licensure
Nancy Horn Greenville, OH 238174 NCC
Kaeghan Randolph Dover, OH 1166580 NCC
Adrian Prus Troy, OH 1718913 State Licensure
Julie Abrams Willoughby, OH 1704822 State Licensure
Eric Reinhart Grove City, OH REIN-85738 State Licensure
Katherine Hocking Wadsworth, OH 256479 NCC
Sylvia Marrero Akron, OH 290604 NCC
Jake Protivnak Hudson, OH 94722 NCC
Hillary Carter Westerville, OH 319630 NCC
Bennetti Malone Bexley, OH 1097979 State Licensure
Christine Lair Westlake, OH 1582252 State Licensure
Stacey Gay West Carrollton, OH 1721460 State Licensure
Britany King Warrensville Heights, OH 668424 State Licensure
Rachel Jacoby Perrysburg, OH 815863 NCC
Roxanne Smethers Cuyahoga Falls, OH 1214402 State Licensure
Joseph Krivos Wadsworth, OH 1214635 NCC
Linda Rovito Centerville, OH 79613 NCC
Donna Wyse West Unity, OH 299449 NCC
Scott Brown Warren, OH 218607 NCC
Anselm Zupka Cleveland, OH 4067 NCSC
Katherine Rehor Mayfield Heights, OH 1429036 NCC
Morghan Honthy Boardman, OH 1166772 State Licensure
Kali Dehn Orwell, OH 833596 NCC
Renee Groenemann West Chester, OH 76095 NCC
Meghan Perretta Youngstown, OH 1718081 State Licensure
Danette Miller Bainbridge, OH 1137367 State Licensure
Stephen Givens Belpre, OH 613744 NCC
Catashia Haskins Toledo, OH 1601014 NCC
Nicholas Hoffman Ottawa Hills, OH 815096 State Licensure
Tonnette Anthony Reynoldsburg, OH 1655749 State Licensure
Sheila Grobe Streetsboro, OH 1719282 State Licensure
Marian Beresh North Canton, OH 82671 NCC
Marchelle Posey Cincinnati, OH 1378394 NCC
Annisa Brown Blacklick, OH 1236231 NCC
Michelina Bacisin Westlake, OH 1721712 State Licensure
Mindy Mack Tiffin, OH 832408 State Licensure
Matthew Campbell Canton, OH 1216055 NCC
Kiasia Parks Cleveland, OH 1719824 State Licensure
Samantha Brown Lakewood, OH 1403777 NCC
Emily Plank Solon, OH 237535 NCC
Jasmine Benson-Williams akron, OH 1719625 State Licensure
Danielle Delbrocco Aurora, OH 884804 NCC
Cassandra Dunn Cincinnati, OH 1510255 State Licensure
Rachel Waggoner Lakewood, OH 316236 NCC
Amanda Friedman AMELIA, OH 742666 NCC
Bonnie Crowe Fostoria, OH 885254 NCC
Stephanie Bongiorno Eastlake, OH 833591 NCC
Zina McKinney Youngstown, OH 983960 State Licensure
Genevieve Dockery Columbus, OH 1234228 NCC
Christy Danzuso Mount Vernon, OH 75535 NCC
Chelsey Zulia Cincinnati, OH 1429950 NCC
Promise Winchester Reynoldsburg, OH 1379054 State Licensure
Danika Brissett Cincinnati, OH 1603615 State Licensure
Gina Brobeck Columbus, OH 984155 State Licensure
Cherita Griffin Akron, OH 1369905 NCC
Theresa M Clarke Cleveland, OH 53060 NCC
Rachel Plaugher Fairfield Township, OH 1228863 NCC
Zaynab Elkherbaoui Cincinnati, OH 1550197 NCC
Dawn Pullin Canton, OH 958024 State Licensure
elizabeth Bishop Cambridge, OH 1720901 State Licensure
George Richardson New Richmond, OH 955770 NCC
Linda Senich Warren, OH 79738 NCC
Lisa Skomra-Lotze North Lima, OH 15847 NCC
Jerry Rogers Middletown, OH 1137350 NCC
Jason Hoskins Akron, OH 1069491 State Licensure
Megan Petruzzi Cuyahoga Fls, OH 64985 NCC
Stephanie Ryall Cincinnati, OH 684744 NCC
Diana Bala Tallmadge, OH 40447 NCC
Huynh Son Galloway, OH 792656 NCC
Andrew Rupert Thurman, OH 77599 NCC
Erin Pacholski Tallmadge, OH 1214674 State Licensure
Marnie Eckert Terrace Park, OH 83307 NCC
Erica Rampelberg Delaware, OH 742765 NCC
Eric Francis St Clairsvle, OH 669445 NCC
Suzanne Savickas Kent, OH 857635 State Licensure
Erin Gribben Xenia, OH 1603862 NCC
Lisa Goodan Portsmouth, OH 225107 NCC
Bridgett Willis Solon, OH 1097580 State Licensure
Stacey Hubbard Streetsboro, OH 440199 State Licensure
Jonna Brendle Findlay, OH 1647337 NCC
Kayla Crew Loudonville, OH 1511186 State Licensure
Margaret Knobloch Mentor, OH 239456 NCC
Susan Gerhard Cincinnati, OH 1284692 State Licensure
Kelly Hoskins Trenton, OH 1378393 NCC
Theresa Nutten Cuyahoga Falls, OH 321655 NCC
Danielle Stewart Lucasville, OH 1374373 NCC
Anthony Boyd Dayton, OH 1143184 NCC
Janice Biales Solon, OH 6387 NCC
Margaret Lawrence Lima, OH 1654544 State Licensure
Mohamed Badra Toledo, OH 999677 NCC
Sierra Rosswurm Payne, OH 1403986 State Licensure
Noreen Murphy Columbus, OH 1057635 State Licensure
Beverley Bramley Kirtland, OH 1583716 State Licensure
Kimberly Slaughter Hillsboro, OH 1550114 NCC
Marian Krieger Beachwood, OH 126 NCC
James Henry Cincinnati, OH 1378392 NCC
LaVette Edgerson Euclid, OH 1532494 State Licensure
Holly Vavlas Middleburg Heights, OH 1604880 State Licensure
Jacob Konkolics Toronto, OH 1474761 NCC
Rochelle Sheppard Norton, OH 259705 NCC
Veronica Carballo Akron, OH 1402405 NCC
Kaitlyn Puskarich Dayton, OH 1552808 State Licensure
Jan Payne-Harris Powell, OH 14914 NCC
Melinda Williams Findlay, OH 1228792 NCC
Diane Finklea-Sturdivant Toledo, OH 759013 State Licensure
Andrew Wood Cincinnati, OH 337183 NCC
Linsey Shrader Miamisburg, OH 348419 NCC
Emma Eastwood Akron, OH 1679996 State Licensure
Nevin Heard Cincinnati, OH 832873 NCC
Jon Borland Morral, OH 1582844 State Licensure
Cianna Vaughan Steubenville, OH 1657218 NCC
Rochelle Richardson Austintown, OH 1704629 State Licensure
Susan Mays Warren, OH 41919 NCC
Mark Cook Akron, OH 1232427 NCC
Quinn Sparks Diamond, OH 1567652 State Licensure
Valerie Pinkney-Duke Cleveland, OH 997907 NCC
Bradley Ward Springfield, OH 1079875 State Licensure
Diane Steva Waverly, OH 46106 NCC
Rebekah Painter Dayton, OH 1678198 State Licensure
Don Ammons Waterville, OH 1326 NCC
Peter Frey Hudson, OH 219324 NCC
Tiffany Alexander Columbus, OH 1672261 State Licensure
McKenzie Lamb Bellefontaine, OH 890263 NCC
Christy Ranney Wooster, OH 68691 NCC
April Moore Columbus, OH 995866 NCC
Sandra McCluskey Ottawa Hills, OH 612307 NCC
Dawn Jones Cleveland, OH 632976 NCC
Pamela Quarles west chester, OH 1675911 NCC
Patricia McGrath Dublin, OH 646074 NCC
Jillian Malone Cincinnati, OH 958119 NCC
Tyler Hudson Delaware, OH 882601 NCC
BreAnna Phillips Dayton, OH 657362 State Licensure
Carl Bogenschutz Worthington, OH 15180 CCMHC
Kerry Copes Cleveland, OH 265711 NCC
Kolin Van Winkle Mentor, OH 76761 NCC
William Elwood Mayfield Hts, OH 26446 NCC
William Elwood Mayfield Hts, OH 26446 MAC
Anselm Zupka Cleveland, OH 4067 NCC
Amanda Friedman AMELIA, OH 742666 CCMHC
Andrew Rupert Thurman, OH 77599 NCSC
Erica Rampelberg Delaware, OH 742765 CCMHC
Janice Biales Solon, OH 6387 NCSC
Cassandra Shepherd Garfield Heights, OH 358307 State Licensure
Victoria Graham Bowling Green, OH 811021 State Licensure
Hallie Schwartz Mayfield Vlg, OH 1023724 NCC
Heather Gilbert Willoughby, OH 317227 NCC
Patricia Ringold Columbus, OH 219699 NCC
Crystal Cook Cincinnati, OH 1533703 State Licensure
Christine Lowe Mentor, OH 1673204 State Licensure
Camille Jackson Strongsville, OH 1695942 State Licensure
Austin Miller Canton, OH 1721451 State Licensure
Camille Colucci Poland, OH 95213 NCC
Matthew Geraldi Macedonia, OH 1236596 NCC
BARBARA BLASH AKRON, OH 1619109 State Licensure
Sheila Piner Kettering, OH 889504 NCC
Cecelia Gulley Seaman, OH 994443 State Licensure
Heather McCaslin Southington, OH 1599416 NCC
Hermenia Canty-Wilson Cincinnati, OH 1693451 State Licensure
Camille Cadogan Lime, OH 888208 State Licensure
Elizabeth Gyarmathy North Ridgeville, OH 944410 State Licensure
Megan Kalbaugh Akron, OH 944728 State Licensure
Benjamin Perko Perry, OH 884456 NCC
Tracy Nysether Beavercreek, OH 337010 NCC
Haley Goth Plymouth, OH 1141703 NCC
Robert Duncan West Portsmouth, OH 1719814 State Licensure
Lindsey Solazzo Hamilton, OH 1678658 State Licensure
William Roberts II Dayton, OH 1236738 State Licensure
Elijah Sprague Hillsboro, OH 883996 NCC
Violeta Fowler Bexley, OH 266481 NCC
Kenneth Miller North Lima, OH 16227 NCC
Victoria Brown Hammondsville, OH 1719852 State Licensure
Meghan Rozumny Uniontown, OH 1127057 State Licensure
Anesha Gray Cincinnati, OH 1641805 State Licensure
Ezekiel Peebles Gahanna, OH 1582221 NCC
Jane Whitman New Philadelphia, OH 1627778 NCC
Torrie Giovinazzi Rocky River, OH 346223 NCC
Susan Revak Hudson, OH 293656 NCC
Sarah Billingsley Cleveland, OH 1126686 NCC
Charles Washam, Jr Cincinnati, OH 6845 NCC
Bernadette Graham Toledo, OH 858827 NCC
John-Paul Dombrowski Steubenville, OH 1545777 NCC
Alicia Jones Columbus, OH 1719492 State Licensure
Tomiah Conley Frankfort, OH 1112219 NCC
Lauren Isaacson Chagrin Falls, OH 1272686 State Licensure
Sara Floreth Lakewood, OH 247014 NCC
Marita Temple Toledo, OH 1656362 NCC
Abigail Jordan ontario, OH 1602748 NCC
Michael Guyer Chagrin Falls, OH 228814 NCC
Daniel OMalley Lakewood, OH 1698571 NCC
Victoria Balcar St Clairsvle, OH 885900 NCC
William Denney Proctorville, OH 1090037 NCC
McKenzee Martin Hillsboro, OH 1462225 State Licensure
Davlon Miller Toledo, OH 285426 NCC
Octavia Spikes Columbus, OH 1650031 State Licensure
Julia Appleby Canton, OH 44224 NCC
Andreya Bernard Cincinnati, OH 1139804 NCC
Deborah Vidic South Lebanon, OH 47277 NCC
Joycelyn Johnson Cincinnati, OH 1098935 NCC
Joshua Smallwood Orient, OH 1378491 NCC
Sara Patterson Washington Court House, OH 1680889 State Licensure
Andrew Brown Kettering, OH 1201044 NCC
John Petry Kettering, OH 341053 NCC
Lavonne Urban Strongsville, OH 718659 NCC
Arpana Inman Columbus, OH 22666 NCC
Anthony Jasinski Struthers, OH 1679373 State Licensure
Melissa Turner Boardman, OH 1546936 State Licensure
YOLANDA EVANS Saint Bernard, OH 1658821 State Licensure
Tyann Cliffel Lakewood, OH 994622 NCC
Nakia Smith Cincinnati, OH 1696693 State Licensure
Laura Davis Youngstown, OH 1553052 NCC
Monique Johnson West Chester, OH 272240 NCC
Damaria Jackson Dayton, OH 1654525 State Licensure
Julia Karas Kent, OH 1706996 State Licensure
Michelle Diaz Steubenville, OH 1586700 NCC
Susan Johnson Lake Milton, OH 203926 NCC
Thomas Costello Steubenville, OH 1702820 State Licensure
Amelia Dunn Ashtabula, OH 81198 NCC
Dawn DeFalco Luckey, OH DEFA-42CE0 State Licensure
Roy McClelland Columbus, OH 1547119 NCC
Danna Bozick Youngstown, OH 22869 NCC
Brittyn Saunders Portsmouth, OH 1229026 NCC
Margaret Whitmore cleveland, OH 1231377 NCC
Emmanuel Kalouris Poland, OH 1428177 State Licensure
Harmony Thoma Dayton, OH 343841 NCC
Kathleen McGraw Wiloughby Hls, OH 871 NCC
Brittany Bowerman cincinnati, OH 1695324 State Licensure
Diana Beko-Stretton Millfield, OH 304309 NCC
Brittany Schmidlin Columbus, OH 1496727 NCC
Jonathan Thorn Columbus, OH 1628568 NCC
Demelza Stoudt Wilmington, OH 251940 NCC
Brianna Puetz Columbus, OH 757326 NCC
Walter Poupart Lewis Center, OH 235645 CCMHC
Matthew Coy Jackson, OH 1568962 NCC
Lisa Pyles Kent, OH 1097676 State Licensure
Christy L Sugarman Avon Lake, OH 48130 NCC
Allison Warner Marietta, OH 957801 State Licensure
Sharon Marconi St Clairsvle, OH 249546 NCC
David Brown Hamilton, OH 271824 NCC
Guy Taylor Logan, OH 338512 NCC
Christina Bauder Columbus, OH 1058272 NCC
Sandra Miller Jones Cleveland, OH 815814 NCC
Tiffany Hairston Toledo, OH 332228 NCC
Barbara Crabill Beavercreek, OH 27865 NCC
Matthew Johnson Cleveland, OH 10883 NCC
Lindsay Tuttle Toledo, OH 303843 NCC
Amanda Schmid Berea, OH 337187 NCC
Libby Bauman Broadview Heights, OH 1511009 State Licensure
Mariah Goodwin Hamilton, OH 1232774 NCC
Collin Myers Munroe Falls, OH 6405 NCC
Nancy Adkins E Liverpool, OH 218847 NCC
Denise Alexander Newark, OH 332879 NCC
Hilary Sickles Wellston, OH 1404952 NCC
Kelly Holder-Coburn Delphos, OH 1137743 State Licensure
Sydnie Johnson Columbus, OH 1375082 State Licensure
Nicole Janosco Wintersville, OH 557852 State Licensure
Tiffany Blanton Frankln Frnce, OH 219716 NCC
Maureen Sinko Cleveland, OH 1717261 State Licensure
Kaitlyn Crabtree Beavercreek, OH 333788 NCC
Crystal Hubbell Bethel, OH 292468 NCC
Kellen Weber Columbus, OH 1463807 NCC
Jonathan Shay Columbus, OH 341664 NCC
Angela Spitler Medina, OH 885811 NCC
Ashley LeMaster Columbus, OH 1693877 State Licensure
Kaitlyn Bruns Cincinnati, OH 1272713 NCC
Anna Judge Steubenville, OH 1232432 NCC
Gwo-Jen Guo Columbus, OH 209298 NCC
Alexandria Manno Niles, OH 1627599 NCC
Kaz Himes Bowling Green, OH 996278 NCC
Nicole Gabriel CANAL WINCHESTER, OH 1475359 NCC
Alexis McAndrew Youngstown, OH 1168120 NCC
Patrick McKelvey Columbus, OH 308274 NCC
Angela Waugh Cincinnati, OH 835298 NCC
Joling Hsiang Piqua, OH 1658927 NCC
Ashley Berry Proctorville, OH 1654348 NCC
Marisa Wallace Euclid, OH 1123916 NCC
Patrick Gibbons Rocky River, OH 37406 NCC
Jessica Reynolds Cincinnati, OH 818429 State Licensure
Peter Miller Dayton, OH 427895 State Licensure
Loretta Walton Cleveland, OH 309847 NCC
Elif Emir Oksuz Cincinnati, OH EMIR-F0F85 State Licensure
Starlene Lewis Prt Washingtn, OH 228661 NCC
Pamela Conley Hamilton, OH 1547264 State Licensure
Alexandra Garik CHIPPEWA LAKE, OH 1627163 NCC
Michelle Nealey Dover, OH 1202207 State Licensure
Sarah Gaskell Athens, OH 885048 NCC
Lisa Knight londonderry, OH 1138374 State Licensure
Dianne Moulder Canal Fulton, OH 27556 NCC
Jessica Grant Chillicothe, OH 1706914 State Licensure
Esther Lucas Maple Heights, OH 957920 State Licensure
Alexandria Carlson Toledo, OH 1000500 NCC
Samuel Ivkovich Steubenville, OH 1232418 NCC
Mimi Tomaric Chardon, OH 38374 NCC
Robert Ksiazkiewicz Columbus, OH 1371957 NCC
Tarasa Rauch waterford, OH 1702119 State Licensure
Suzanne Zumwalde Marietta, OH 1545981 State Licensure
Stephanie Johnson Tiffin, OH 998464 NCC
Sarah Dorr Cincinnati, OH 76632 NCC
Nancy Duffee Sunbury, OH 247332 NCC
Julia Kreuz Medina, OH 815252 State Licensure
Marleah Wolfe Ashtabula, OH 349042 NCC
Cayley Balser Grafton, OH 1372097 NCC
Sonya Williams South Euclid, OH 1698067 State Licensure
Karie McGhee Pickerington, OH 1462030 NCC
Kasey Osselborn Bellaire, OH 1165022 NCC
Stephanie Mihlbauer Amsterdam, OH 275967 NCC
Yolanda Zellars Columbus, OH 1024275 NCC
Cheona Petty Girard, OH 1551337 NCC
Kathryn vecchio Westerville, OH 1652433 State Licensure
Dominic Foster Steubenville, OH 1098499 NCC
Kristal Brown Massillon, OH 410609 State Licensure
Carrie Kroner Dublin, OH 816302 NCC
Emily Suter Mentor, OH 471580 State Licensure
Michael Binder Beavercreek, OH 1641094 NCC
Emily Mason Logan, OH 1236167 NCC
Madi Jackson Cleveland, OH 888846 NCC
Sunder Singhani ATHENS, OH 1584476 NCC
Brandi Sauerwein Hamilton, OH 1405226 State Licensure
Kaitlyn Karney Springboro, OH 656939 NCC
Alisyn Chamberlain Perrysburg, OH 208502 NCC
Cara Sussman reynoldsburg, OH 270668 NCC
Sara Lewis Lisbon, OH 1095497 NCC
Larry Grigsby Piqua, OH 1057954 State Licensure
Allison Myers Columbus, OH 272226 NCC
Mary Paradiso Carrollton, OH 232255 NCC
Mary Bantu Dublin, OH 247463 NCC
Anna Settle Portsmouth, OH 330088 NCC
Janet Kempf Toledo, OH 1534720 NCC
Rene Wright Cincinnati, OH 944319 State Licensure
Katherine McEwen Athens, OH 1585974 NCC
Paul Waldroop II Piqua, OH 1587762 NCC
Rachilla Workman Basista Struthers, OH 17135 NCC
Jeffery T Cygan Dublin, OH 33400 CCMHC
Emily Steele Dayton, OH 1721408 State Licensure
Amanda Cheravitch Chagrin Falls, OH 1720216 State Licensure
Norline Ford Columbus, OH 1569751 NCC
Holly Scott Powell, OH 223471 NCC
Emily Rush McClintock Granville, OH 1231357 NCC
Marissa Randall Beavercreek, OH 1568496 State Licensure
Ella Thomas Cincinnati, OH 420933 State Licensure
Amy Kalasunas Shaker Hts, OH 53199 NCC
Victoria Kress N Royalton, OH 70575 CCMHC
Elizabeth Benedict Reynoldsburg, OH 1231361 NCC
Kelli Hess Cleveland, OH 883478 NCC
Kellie Rokicki Northwood, OH 884618 NCC
David Lach Gahanna, OH 1657217 NCC
Kaitlin Reed Cincinnati, OH 741650 NCC
Lorrie Spivey Franklin, OH 669989 NCC
Laura Balliet Akron, OH 246286 NCC
Kristin Curran Westlake, OH 1720310 State Licensure
Bethany Henry bellefontaine, OH 1228922 State Licensure
Kathi Bivens West Chester, OH 275425 NCC
Christina Mayhaus Cincinnati, OH 275565 NCC
Theresa McClurg-Genevese Columbus, OH 295262 CCMHC
Rebekah Mullins Laurelville, OH 1546536 NCC
Staci Tessmer North Royalton, OH 719458 NCC
Kaitlyn Forristal Rock Creek, OH 870735 NCC
Stacey Fleming Massillon, OH 997656 NCC
Mohamed Khalif Westerville, OH 1248132 NCC
Michael Peacock Dayton, OH 1097139 NCC
Melissa Manthei Mentor, OH 1511175 State Licensure
Charity Chaney Cincinnati, OH 781727 CCMHC
Nina Liu-Guechev Sheffield Lake, OH 1622488 NCC
Madeline LaPolla Warren, OH 1511349 NCC
Kathy Cole Shaker Heights, OH 1090826 NCC
Jennifer Troop Canton, OH 1554965 State Licensure
Kristen Jeffries Youngstown, OH 1672081 State Licensure
Corielle Putnam Beavercreek, OH 613892 NCC
Connor Costanzo mayfield heights, OH 1697688 State Licensure
Amelia Lower Youngstown, OH 815805 NCC
David Kovalchick Cincinnati, OH 1498855 State Licensure
whitney speakman Circleville, OH 1721372 State Licensure
Darrylyn Lockhart Richmond Heights, OH 1401726 State Licensure
Rebekah Drury Leesburg, OH 1603097 NCC
Thomas Meiring Toledo, OH 5711 NCC
Kennidy Souza Columbus, OH 1659534 NCC
Michele Weyrauch Girard, OH 23150 NCC
Anesha Gray Cincinnati, OH 1641805 State Licensure
McKenzee Martin Hillsboro, OH 1462225 NCC
Harmony Thoma Dayton, OH 343841 CCMHC
Walter Poupart Lewis Center, OH 235645 NCC
Lisa Pyles Kent, OH 1097676 NCC
Denise Alexander Newark, OH 332879 CCMHC
Angela Spitler Medina, OH 885811 State Licensure
Angela Waugh Cincinnati, OH 835298 CCMHC
Mimi Tomaric Chardon, OH 38374 NCSC
Kasey Osselborn Bellaire, OH 1165022 State Licensure
Jeffery T Cygan Dublin, OH 33400 NCC
Victoria Kress N Royalton, OH 70575 NCC
Theresa McClurg-Genevese Columbus, OH 295262 NCC
Staci Tessmer North Royalton, OH 719458 State Licensure
Charity Chaney Cincinnati, OH 781727 NCC
Sheri L Vehar Mentor, OH 431811 State Licensure
Dejah Sprouse Lakewood, OH 1692791 State Licensure
Mary Ann Flickinger Cincinnati, OH 64982 NCC
Khandi Stewart Columbus, OH 816432 State Licensure
Rachael Liggan Dayton, OH 1645521 NCC
Rachel McEwen West Chester, OH 321424 NCC
Marvin Horton Brookville, OH 57906 NCC
Cynthia Brown-Chery Sylvania, OH 3892 NCC
Annette Gannon Lakewood, OH 416825 State Licensure
Kendra Beach Hubbard, OH 274155 NCC
Ellise Raghavan OTTAWA HILLS, OH 1510316 NCC
Sheri L Vehar Mentor, OH 47544 NCC
Mark Reed Waynesville, OH 319863 NCC
Lucia del Rincon Martinez Westlake, OH 1598093 NCC
Angelina Zimnoch Shreve, OH 883492 NCC
Celeste Mullen Fairlawn, OH 243094 NCC
Judith Smithchild Cutler, OH 24660 NCC
Maria Shepas Boardman, OH 628128 NCC
Maria Baumert Reynoldsburg, OH 1374606 NCC
Ashley Sims Columbus, OH 1216839 NCC
Julie Manuel Dayotn, OH 331557 CCMHC
Kristin Dolph Kettering, OH 1139641 NCC
John Timothy West Urbana, OH 35486 NCC
Brittany McClarren Delta, OH 1656549 NCC
Erica Grimes Reynoldsburg, OH 1498207 State Licensure
Serita Eiland Streetsboro, OH 1522176 NCC
Mark Googins Mount Gilead, OH 1643061 NCC
Heather Tustin North Canton, OH 889535 NCC
Heather Saylor Mount Orab, OH 1719940 State Licensure
David Hartman Westerville, OH 718288 NCC
Elizabeth Thomas Cleveland, OH 983718 NCC
Frank Glicker Parma, OH 1553495 State Licensure
Angela Rodgers Hartville, OH 222477 NCC
SCOTT MCDOWELL Cleveland Heights, OH 1698298 State Licensure
Diana Himes Middletown, OH 1510228 State Licensure
Lisa Roebuck Akron, OH 1696680 State Licensure
Christine Zimmerman-Hall Oak Harbor, OH 321525 NCC
Jennifer Schmidt Mason, OH 1068837 NCC
Kiran Cherian Columbus, OH 1695984 State Licensure
Taylor Watson Brunswick, OH 1618610 State Licensure
Denise Hawkins Troy, OH 445232 State Licensure
Chase Morgan-Swaney Brunswick, OH 1142005 CCMHC
Michael Crosby STEUBENVILLE, OH 1587559 NCC
Richard George Alliance, OH 5794 NCC
Yagana Yakubu Chesapeake, OH 1694723 State Licensure
Hannah Hurst Vandalia, OH 1722027 State Licensure
Stephanie Cerullo Cincinnati, OH 1092538 NCC
Suzanne Pell Batavia, OH 631253 NCC
Joseph Dittmer Northfield, OH 10324 NCC
Barbara Ziegler Rootstown, OH 205288 NCC
Julie Woodward Akron, OH 274340 NCC
Marcia Kostoff Bellefontaine, OH 957408 State Licensure
Jaquenetta Walker Akron, OH 999473 State Licensure
Jamie Wiener Mason, OH 228359 NCC
Madison White Lebanon, OH 1627972 NCC
Jenna Humphries Canton, OH 1441310 NCC
E Dennis Marasco Silverton, OH 18244 NCC
Jeanette Polin Sylvania, OH 570968 State Licensure
Daryl Duncan Brunswick, OH 1623231 NCC
Christina Ferguson Dublin, OH 1097026 NCC
Molly Haaga Shaker Heights, OH 782470 State Licensure
Emily Define Canton, OH 1718552 State Licensure
Michael Brubaker Cincinnati, OH 214549 NCC
Carrie Williams Columbus, OH 285789 NCC
Aranda Lee Cincinnati, OH 431284 State Licensure
Kyle Bell Lewis Center, OH 1618450 NCC
Tina Creighton Reno, OH 281431 NCC
Diane Susa Warren, OH 37519 NCC
Caleb Devolld Xenia, OH 999094 NCC
Jessica Brissel Perry, OH 424478 State Licensure
Adabelle Ashley-Foster Springdale, OH 1610 NCC
Daniel Testa Cuyahoga Fls, OH 718855 NCC
Maria McCarty New Carlisle, OH 1551557 State Licensure
Fang-Mei Law Upper Arlngtn, OH 39665 NCC
Oscar McKnight Hudson, OH 10827 NCC
Holly Pelphrey Cincinnati, OH 1584953 NCC
James Ricciardo Solon, OH 1287173 State Licensure
Erika Ezenekwe Cincinnati, OH 1585235 NCC
Amy Gould Beachwood, OH 338801 NCC
Jennifer Mercer Frazeysburg, OH 289270 NCC
Martina Moore Euclid, OH 313429 NCC
Laurel Durrett Columbus, OH 886304 State Licensure
Rebecca L Brown New Carlisle, OH 57387 NCC
Sophie Loewengart New Albany, OH 316935 NCC
Allison Blocher North Canton, OH 1680757 State Licensure
Megan Stumpff Washington Township, OH 1167264 State Licensure
Katelyn Stevens Ashtabula, OH 1552914 NCC
Amy Moreno Columbus, OH 983798 NCC
Rachel Velishek Gahanna, OH 1201808 NCC
Kathleen Klein Maumee, OH 1625329 NCC
Themba Msisha Belpre, OH 1721992 State Licensure
Tiffany Brannon Canal Winchester, OH 718545 State Licensure
Bonnie Bernard Montgomery, OH 209987 NCC
Kyle Benning Youngstown, OH 1551943 State Licensure
Karen Marie Watson N Royalton, OH 49198 NCC
Alex Shaver Cleveland, OH 1623570 NCC
Stacey Litam North Olmstead, OH 719367 NCC
Kylena France Wilmington, OH 332656 NCC
Beth Baker Misener Rocky River, OH 20067 NCC
Cletus Williams Crestline, OH 1496380 NCC
Brandi Slaughter Fairfield Township, OH 1676604 State Licensure
Jacob Keller Eaton, OH 306639 NCC
Eugenia Benson Chillicothe, OH 463336 State Licensure
Kayla Smiley Mayfield Heights, OH 1627730 NCC
Cary Eckard East Liverpool, OH 1660387 NCC
Hannah Scully Cincinnati, OH 1124945 NCC
Amanda Fairbanks Clinton, OH 1402439 NCC
John Luttrell Dayton, OH 1706406 State Licensure
Catherine A Sherman Oberlin, OH 45275 NCC
Sonja Josselyn Carroll, OH 1012492 NCC
Eunice Alicea Valentin Cincinnati, OH 1534193 NCC
Melvin Joy Akron, OH 1717271 State Licensure
Jennifer McCaslin Dover, OH 1695880 State Licensure
Amy Theodor Bellbrook, OH 770947 NCC
Teresa Cribari Springboro, OH 63208 NCC
Heidi Bruner Beavercreek, OH 239755 NCC
Terah Davis Grove City, OH 292182 NCC
Angela Horton Lewis Center, OH 799365 NCC
Janelle Fye Canton, OH 633527 NCC
Sarah White Van Wert, OH 1679349 State Licensure
Courtnie Coon East Liverpool, OH 1553382 NCC
Eriq Rory New Albany, OH 1373520 NCC
Jane Fink Medina, OH 288400 NCC
Helena Graham Dayton, OH 1546561 NCC
Shirley Johnson Canal Wnchstr, OH 631247 NCC
Jeffrey Broadnax Grove City, OH 96232 NCC
Aaron Brewer Cincinnati, OH 1547074 NCC
James Miller III New Philadelphia, OH 383469 State Licensure
Amber Phillips Cincinnati, OH 630337 State Licensure
Morgan Robinson Dayton, OH 1216685 NCC
Melissa Hollada Vermilion, OH 1097678 NCC
Jennifer Davis Canton, OH 816729 State Licensure
Paula Tasma Perrysburg, OH 376948 State Licensure
Tina Cotto Springfield, OH 474814 State Licensure
Bayley Malicki Green Springs, OH 629364 NCC
Jessica Dougherty Bellaire, OH 91210 NCC
Kate Linger Columbiana, OH 349995 NCC
Sidney Bash South Euclid, OH 1376521 NCC
Maria Cool Findlay, OH 1644377 State Licensure
Sara Guidi Columbus, OH 1233026 NCC
Michelle Hunt Steubenville, OH 1095137 NCC
Jennifer Sharp Cincinnati, OH 548046 State Licensure
Kelsey Scanlan Enon, OH 814300 CCMHC
Kathryn Arington West Chester, OH 348617 NCC
Karen Wolfe Bay Village, OH 885407 NCC
Alexandria Hepburn Toledo, OH 1228613 NCC
Donna Jacomet Dayton, OH 999123 State Licensure
Angelika Holleran Cleveland, OH 1498984 State Licensure
Anna Patton Wooster, OH 1626318 State Licensure
Chadwick Sunday Medina, OH 1643412 State Licensure
Candice Crowley Liberty Township, OH 1626128 NCC
Dana Matthews Twinsburg, OH 216466 NCC
Rachel Curtis Cuyahoga Falls, OH 1126218 State Licensure
Issac Justice Chillicothe, OH 1112104 State Licensure
Kara Kimevski North Canton, OH 1615995 State Licensure
Staci Hayes Mantua, OH 1376920 NCC
Theresa Grimm Sheffield Village, OH 1154445 NCC
Jessica Vilcek Waterville, OH 1092363 NCC
Sarah Lopienski Worthington, OH 230617 NCC
James J Maguire Beachwood, OH 56357 NCC
Wanda Riffe Ironton, OH 299451 NCC
Krista Stanescu Dublin, OH 334739 NCC
Mandy Reber Columbus, OH 347172 NCC
Geoffrey Sanford Shaker Heights, OH 1693896 State Licensure
Rachel Galanda-Dissell East Palestine, OH 1585003 NCC
Amanda Patalune Wintersville, OH 1586698 NCC
Victoria Baah-Binney Mason, OH BAAH-7A83E State Licensure
Kylie Hay New Philadelphia, OH 1719437 State Licensure
Gina Burdett Reynoldsburg, OH 318071 MAC
Gina Cascone North Ridgeville, OH 1623850 State Licensure
DeAnna Henderson Columbus, OH 759311 NCC
Marjorie Valentine Wheelersburg, OH 1378497 NCC
Mindy Skinner Springfield, OH 1696849 State Licensure
Nicole Horn North Olmsted, OH 1674544 State Licensure
Patricia McConnell-Stephen Batavia, OH 957240 NCC
Sarah Drake Cincinnati, OH 1499476 NCC
Scott Caldwell Wintersville, OH 885924 NCC
Meridel Jones Warren, OH 454996 State Licensure
Courtney Holmes Perrysburg, OH 239877 NCC
Maggie Howard Ironton, OH 1496775 NCC
Barbara Merkerson Cuyahoga Falls, OH 994606 State Licensure
Jinnean C Walter Beavercreek, OH 57909 NCC
Sandra Natole Bellevue, OH 1127287 NCC
Lenecia Nickell Cincinnati, OH 272358 NCC
Susan Shekut Sylvania, OH 349233 NCC
Denise Kelley Hubbard, OH 206737 NCC
Teresa Blackburn Wintersville, OH 296935 NCC
Angela Del Vecchio Oxford, OH 68636 NCC
Shannon Bernard-Adams Ashland, OH 310002 NCC
Jordyn Hollenbeck Columbus, OH 1619807 NCC
Michelle Bowes Akron, OH 235965 NCC
Melinda Toth Canfield, OH 1566636 State Licensure
Cynthia Keener , New London, OH 956971 NCC
James Gonnella West Alexandria, OH 1236333 State Licensure
Sehar Tariq Bokhari Grove City, OH 1717484 State Licensure
Stephanie Homan Columbus, OH 1154566 State Licensure
Darsey Stump Loveland, OH 1091964 NCC
Amy McKinley Fairborn, OH 1024182 NCC
Diana Wallace Cleveland Heights, OH 547983 State Licensure
Kathleen Spencer Canal Winchester, OH 1427973 State Licensure
Hiawatha Nowden Cleveland, OH 886960 State Licensure
Gayle Garcia Columbus, OH 858045 State Licensure
Sarah Henry Columbus, OH 1092123 NCSC
Yulia Gray Northfield, OH 1012374 NCC
Emily Souder Georgetown, OH 682347 NCC
Timothy Welch Newark, OH 94141 MAC
Tonya Birney Grafton, OH 508769 State Licensure
Kristen Ashenbach Lorain, OH 1231159 State Licensure
Mark Stobie Beavercreek, OH 235123 NCC
Marisa Rayford Twinsburg, OH 1693668 State Licensure
David Helsel Youngstown, OH 12293 NCC
Shalamar Lawrence Lorain, OH 871669 State Licensure
Jennifer Waugh Ravenna, OH 313996 CCMHC
Summer Russell Wheelersburg, OH 1549560 State Licensure
Amber Thomas Mentor On Lk, OH 69803 NCC
Emilee Ciolli Parma, OH 1475701 State Licensure
Thomas Adams Columbus, OH 1693833 State Licensure
Andrew Christian Proctorville, OH 1626120 NCC
Shawn Hunter-Little Youngstown, OH 229633 NCC
Victor Adegbola Gahanna, OH 815766 NCC
David Jones Batavia, OH 1169010 NCC
Colleen Grabowski North Olmsted, OH 201411 NCC
Colleen Delzotti Cincinnati, OH 349745 NCC
Morgan Pridemore Oakwood, OH 970942 State Licensure
Emma Buchanan Athens, OH 1098037 NCC
Brandon Welch Marietta, OH 1659530 NCC
Clark Ausloos PERRYSBURG, OH 944226 State Licensure
Rebecca Ryder Medina, OH 280579 NCC
Courtney Carrier Seven Mile, OH 1167310 State Licensure
Katrina Myers Greenville, OH 886669 NCC
Jacalyn Jackson-Dean Amelia, OH 1097606 NCC
Lanaya McDonald Toledo, OH 420844 State Licensure
Maria Morton Maineville, OH 1626264 NCC
Stephanie Burns Cuyahoga Fls, OH 234180 NCC
Julie Manuel Dayotn, OH 331557 NCC
Chase Morgan-Swaney Brunswick, OH 1142005 NCC
Joseph Dittmer Northfield, OH 10324 CCMHC
Amy Gould Beachwood, OH 338801 CCMHC
Stacey Litam North Olmstead, OH 719367 CCMHC
Angela Horton Lewis Center, OH 799365 CCMHC
Amber Phillips Cincinnati, OH 630337 NCC
Melissa Hollada Vermilion, OH 1097678 State Licensure
Jennifer Davis Canton, OH 816729 NCC
Kelsey Scanlan Enon, OH 814300 NCC
Wanda Riffe Ironton, OH 299451 CCMHC
Victoria Baah-Binney Mason, OH 272860 NCC
Gina Burdett Reynoldsburg, OH 318071 NCC
Scott Caldwell Wintersville, OH 885924 State Licensure
Sarah Henry Columbus, OH 1092123 NCC
Timothy Welch Newark, OH 94141 NCC
Jennifer Waugh Ravenna, OH 313996 NCC
Clark Ausloos PERRYSBURG, OH 944226 NCC
Rosezina Meadows Elyria, OH 34738 NCC
Michael Graul Steubenville, OH 1232431 NCC
Christie Jenkins Perrysburg, OH 1167561 NCC
Tommie Rae Radd Gahanna, OH 16017 NCC
Alysha Blagg Amanda, OH 625850 NCC
Ashley Abbott Columbus, OH 846677 State Licensure
Rosezina Meadows Elyria, OH 34738 CCMHC
Alexander Mock Cleveland, OH 1230519 NCC
Joel Hardin Lewis Center, OH 627328 NCC
Mallory Pamphilis New Straitsville, OH 957297 NCC
Matthew Moore Steubenville, OH 1656541 NCC
Cameron Foster Columbus, OH 1166576 NCC
Christopher Childers Marion, OH 245953 NCC
Alexis Vystrcil Middlefield, OH 1717216 State Licensure
Hollie Bandy Minerva, OH 1368749 NCC
Melissa Diaz Mingo Jct, OH 303100 NCC
Joseph Felicjan Medina, OH 1096212 State Licensure
Audrey Perry Canton, OH 1618629 State Licensure
Robert Hare Newark, OH 1548047 NCC
Cherie Dixon Xenia, OH 717219 NCC
Jessica Coffman Hebron, OH 759144 NCC
Britany Inkrott Lima, OH 1718636 State Licensure
Toyua Hummons Tipp City, OH 1707148 State Licensure
Bailey Ehlers Westerville, OH 956909 State Licensure
LaKaisha Rayford Canal Winchester, OH 742767 NCC
Paige Weinard Pickerington, OH 887347 NCC
Cassidy Keller Newark, OH 870976 NCC
Danielle Keller Reading, OH 1547734 State Licensure
Valerie Wevers Cincinnati, OH 83224 NCC
Tami Mellinger Dayton, OH 971947 State Licensure
Melissa Lanza PERRYSBURG, OH 815593 State Licensure
Jeanette Murray-Hall Williamsfield, OH 247294 NCC
Francoise Pierredon Cincinnati, OH 222793 NCC
Jennifer Maggar North Canton, OH 816233 NCC
Chelsey Zoldan-Calhoun Youngstown, OH 612691 NCC
Sania Khan Concord Township, OH 1673554 State Licensure
Kay Ackerman-Martin Columbus, OH 40619 NCC
Gloria Enright Uniontown, OH 5267 NCC
Rebecca Day Chessman Canton, OH 69000 NCC
Stephanie Linn Columbus, OH 1286898 State Licensure
Robert Dunn Boardman, OH 10161 NCC
Georgia Green Cincinnati, OH 983374 State Licensure
Jalise Pixley Youngstown, OH 1100558 NCC
Leah Gomez perrysburg, OH 833541 NCC
Makoto Asahara Dublin, OH 611615 NCC
Carrie Hall Portsmouth, OH 1550182 NCC
Jacqueline Sundol Blacklick, OH 684570 NCC
Jay Karr Upper Arlington, OH 1369875 NCC
Michelle McCoy Batavia, OH 226083 NCC
Theresa Nagy wyoming, OH 1550145 NCC
Teresa Jacobson Milford, OH 316446 NCC
Matthew Morgan Reynoldsburg, OH 345072 NCC
Evynn Pennington Mason, OH 1706858 State Licensure
Janet Mielke Schwartz Canton, OH 14809 NCC
Naomi Rumano North Canton, OH 1582530 State Licensure
Melissa Sillaman Cincinnati, OH 1401577 State Licensure
Madeline Persanyi Pepper Pike, OH 1586919 NCC
Chavonne Gaines Uniontown, OH 1092519 NCC
Nancy Walker-McCain McDonald, OH 932639 State Licensure
Tessa Isom East Sparta, OH 1619223 NCC
Lisa Muir Akron, OH 331619 NCC
Blenda Ware Dayton, OH 1138462 State Licensure
Cynthia Roby Mansfield, OH 272492 NCC
Margaret Sciuva Chardon, OH 56067 NCC
Brandy Tucker Amelia, OH 1548913 NCC
Jordan Trejo Defiance, OH 1674338 NCC
James Canterbury Chillicothe, OH 1378428 NCC
Emily Rittenhouse Athens, OH 1659970 State Licensure
Gretchen C Bowman Youngstown, OH 37521 NCC
Amber Mowen Niles, OH 1143327 NCC
Samantha Trease Elmore, OH 1717488 State Licensure
Nina Schroth Cincinnati, OH 320971 NCC
Adrian Guglielmi Reynoldsburg, OH 1693944 State Licensure
Yue Dang Stow, OH 335002 NCC
Bethany Johnson Mount Gilead, OH 1370040 NCC
Meilinda Ko Hilliard, OH 1440790 NCC
Kayla Thompson Elyria, OH 1216318 NCC
Casey Mente Columbus, OH 858474 State Licensure
Hope Meyer Haskins, OH 1550472 State Licensure
Clarissa Kornell Akron, OH 1721216 State Licensure
Kalesha Jenkins Cincinnati, OH 833387 NCC
Sarah Melton Granville, OH 1649414 State Licensure
Ami Olinger Springfield, OH 1717736 State Licensure
Linda Kerin Cincinnati, OH 89709 NCC
Jack Fuller Chagrin Falls, OH 1654359 NCC
Kirsti Carr Toledo, OH 1375507 State Licensure
Shawn Burton Stow, OH 1587094 NCC
Karla Galati Dorset, OH 1569156 NCC
Stephen Mitchell campbell, OH 1024212 NCC
Preston Mannon Willow Wood, OH 1584893 NCC
Kamala Tahyi Zanesville, OH 1627741 NCC
Anthony Pizzuti Beachwood, OH 56875 NCC
Charles Gossett Williamsburg, OH 1625456 NCC
Brett Green Youngstown, OH 458118 State Licensure
Katie Renner Grove City, OH 1522100 State Licensure
Toka Walters Conneaut, OH 957345 NCC
Jocelyn Bialk West Chester, OH 234193 NCC
Jeri G Slone Mt. Vernon, OH 682536 State Licensure
Thelma Esterline Bryan, OH 1097820 NCC
Sarah Joers Springboro, OH 349979 NCC
Courtney Derrick Hebron, OH 1402837 State Licensure
James Reed Columbus, OH 298752 NCC
Xandula Gaitor-Walker Westerville, OH 810850 State Licensure
Sheena Cameron Shaker Heights, OH 1231185 NCC
Lindsey Walls Northfield, OH 999279 NCC
Samantha Hinds Cincinnati, OH 1069303 State Licensure
Sheron Henry-Smith Seven Hills, OH 74923 NCC
Rose Quinones Del Valle Youngstown, OH 18295 MAC
Melissa Deters Mason, OH 1554833 State Licensure
Marilyn Burns Boardman, OH 3344 NCC
Kellie Kiernan Mount Vernon, OH 1671138 State Licensure
Geoffrey Belanger Bay Village, OH 1098132 NCC
Courtney Hughes-Ksenich Sylvania, OH 1545416 State Licensure
Karen Raber Clyde, OH 68995 NCC
Janise Kaufman Young Steubenville, OH 366007 State Licensure
Rachael Thompson Euclid, OH 1677800 State Licensure
Shelby Reynolds Hamilton, OH 1552976 State Licensure
Rachel Eklund Cincinnati, OH 1567990 State Licensure
Carolina Castano Cincinnati, OH 1599319 NCC
Amber Gano Canton, OH 482481 State Licensure
Eric Johnson Toledo, OH 1656356 NCC
Elizabeth Heizer Cincinnati, OH 212944 NCC
Denise Sager Westerville, OH 1656399 State Licensure
Stephen Macek Jr Eastlake, OH 1673770 State Licensure
Ashlee Ross Middletown, OH 1498664 State Licensure
Andrew Smith WPAFB, OH 1548391 State Licensure
Katherine Shaw Steubenville, OH 1586693 NCC
Catherine Tanaka Steubenville, OH 611555 NCC
Melanie Weast Toledo, OH 1672096 NCC
Carla Batdorf Covington, OH 1693173 State Licensure
Pamela N Hoalt Canton, OH 42381 NCC
Clay Cooper Newton Falls, OH 881949 State Licensure
Sarah Casseday Marietta, OH 333839 NCC
Christine L Ferens Miamisburg, OH 57837 NCC
Tiffany Justice Wheelersburg, OH 292499 NCC
Megan Steedman Columbus, OH 1462361 NCC
Michelle Edenfield Canfield, OH 201855 NCC
Kelly Nypaver Strongsville, OH 75459 NCC
Stacy Molli Gahanna, OH 234101 NCC
Angela Price Columbus, OH 319280 NCC
Whitney Jones Columbus, OH 1427052 NCC
Paula Moorman Cleveland, OH 1401933 State Licensure
Kaitlyn Timbrook Dayton, OH 1720504 State Licensure
Maggi Rihel Leavittsburg, OH 1672020 NCC
Taylor Pace Grandview Heights, OH 1719675 State Licensure
Jean-Machelle Benn-Dubois Ottawa Hills, OH 246366 NCC
Jessica Russo Akron, OH 223162 NCC
Maria Patti Hudson, OH 1604521 NCC
Joann Mararri Warren, OH 624149 State Licensure
Mary Beth Ottke Cincinnati, OH 27300 NCC
Savannah Kreiner Cincinnati, OH 1695784 State Licensure
Cassie Kirkpatrick-Smith Cincinnati, OH 1440627 NCC
Sarah Cordonnier Columbus, OH 282255 NCC
Scott Bone Bexley, OH 1547065 State Licensure
Valerie Schenk Greil Powell, OH 257640 NCC
Karen Sheshull Cincinnati, OH 1273831 State Licensure
Gwendolyn Wright Columbus, OH 1629426 NCC
Elizabeth Caldwell Dayton, OH 997800 NCC
Beverley Dunn Maineville, OH 719122 NCC
Adam Mausolf Columbus, OH 318480 NCC
Jennifer Utech Cincinnati, OH 1602705 NCC
Janice Hutton Cardington, OH 742712 State Licensure
Meritta Brewer Bolivar, OH 83583 NCC
Michelle Updegraff Mount Vernon, OH 808330 NCC
Kimberly Kroh Canton, OH 270685 NCC
Doris A Smith Vienna, OH 5801 NCC
Ronda Tuggle Cincinnati, OH 398706 State Licensure
Sarah Arnold Columbus, OH 1629264 NCC
Tyler Thomas Toledo, OH 1230970 NCC
Kareem Ash-Holloway Hubbard, OH 245730 NCC
Briana Troutwine Greenville, OH 884357 NCC
Jessica McKee Cleveland, OH 329561 NCC
Sophie Kus Northfield, OH 7567 NCC
Natese Dockery canal winchester, OH 1441244 NCC
Adan Liendo Batavia, OH 1092608 NCC
Nichole Nace Peebles, OH 1627621 NCC
Courtney Dean Columbus, OH 816502 State Licensure
Elizabeth Morelli Cincinnati, OH 996802 NCC
Kimberly Beisel Miamisburg, OH 1645067 State Licensure
Libby Garrison Hillsboro, OH 669896 State Licensure
Jeanne Armstrong Davis St Clairsville, OH 1406019 NCC
Justin Plummer Westerville, OH 80192 NCC
Erin Black Canal Fulton, OH 1372801 NCC
Lacy Purdum Columbus, OH 1617332 State Licensure
Donna Fragapane Cleveland, OH 611809 NCC
Margaret Selander Athens, OH 313357 NCC
Thomas Gogolin Johnstown, OH 1604120 NCC
Toby L Shope Boardman, OH 1233062 NCC
Kendra Jackson Albany, OH 668875 NCC
Beau Rootring Cincinnati, OH 1721825 State Licensure
Taumi Kalcich Salineville, OH 1440405 NCC
Traci Sippel Cincinnati, OH 1462798 State Licensure
Patricia Saye Westerville, OH 1583305 NCC
Crisinda Tackett Kettering, OH 1202275 NCC
Constance Oliphant struthers, OH 1142821 NCC
Mariama Cook-Sandifer Toledo, OH 83607 NCSC
Alicia Vanscoder Bowling Green, OH 1719922 State Licensure
Adam Bowman West Chester, OH 1652086 NCC
Julie Smeltzer Pickerington, OH 1719248 State Licensure
Mary Jude Pakiela Macedonia, OH 47945 NCC
Jonathan Tolbert Wooster, OH 1717258 State Licensure
Marlise Lonn Bowling Green, OH 590600 State Licensure
Katelyn Mock Willoughby, OH 792601 State Licensure
Katie Knox St Clairsvle, OH 60230 NCC
Amanda Weiner Maumee, OH 1216020 State Licensure
Alexander Moga Westlake, OH 1706958 State Licensure
Brittany Calderone Youngstown, OH 1141664 NCC
Caitlyn Nelei-Nunnemaker West Chester, OH 348429 NCC
Pamela Staton Bluffton, OH 1379445 State Licensure
Hannah Kasler Massillon, OH 1718690 State Licensure
Barbara High-Daniels Xenia, OH 269188 NCC
Patricia Ona Steubenville, OH 1261374 NCC
David Riccardi Mayfield Hts, OH 5193 NCC
Janet Warren Tallmadge, OH 229045 NCC
Marquita Thompson Springfield, OH 683713 State Licensure
J. Anthony Mosley Circleville, OH 309666 NCC
Alisha Morefield Canton, OH 1141802 NCC
Noelle Zamudio Macedonia, OH 1100946 State Licensure
Vanessa Jones-Frengel Girard, OH 87391 NCC
Sarah Walker Bay Village, OH 262017 NCC
Nechama Fried Columbus, OH 797821 State Licensure
Karen Phillips-Redmon Garfield Heights, OH 955780 State Licensure
Natalie Noyes Lancaster, OH 1625445 NCC
Angela Crundwell Parma, OH 1705740 State Licensure
Rachel Anderson Toledo, OH 1672910 State Licensure
Maryann Mathai Canton, OH 625557 NCC
Autumn Slover Blanchester, OH 1680320 State Licensure
Anchin Liaw Shaker Heights, OH 1142100 NCC
Mackenzie Gatchel Canfield, OH 1429043 State Licensure
Steve Stuhlreyer Cincinnati, OH 333488 NCC
Megan Seaman Lakewood, OH 213575 NCC
Callen Reese Bedford, OH 886398 NCC
Cheryl Peterson Marion, OH 1534203 State Licensure
Alice Mills Mai Lewis Center, OH 1022681 NCC
Tonya Banks Cincinnati, OH 1585418 State Licensure
Rose Miletic Wintersville, OH 1012584 NCC
Emily Bunch Cleveland, OH 1232259 NCC
DoHee Kim-Appel Bloomville, OH 210377 NCC
Angelia Raney Chillicothe, OH 249781 NCC
Amber Bradley New Franklin, OH 1547567 NCC
Joseph Fisher Louisville, OH 1092418 State Licensure
Adam Rebh Alliance, OH 83671 NCC
Mary Gibson Cincinnati, OH 1496086 NCC
Katherine Caldwell Toronto, OH 885909 NCC
Taylor Nelson Toledo, OH 1202130 NCC
Meggen Horwatt Madison, OH 759615 NCC
Paul Hartung Rootstown, OH 29759 NCC
Deana Raney Ironton, OH 329937 NCC
Philip McClelland medina, OH 1235034 NCC
Sunni Abney Akron, OH 758781 State Licensure
Susanna Campbell Toledo, OH 1585968 NCC
Malcolm Crenshaw Columbus, OH 1429941 NCC
Rachel Schlachter SYLVANIA, OH 1643283 NCC
Chelsea Peticca Brunswick, OH 414198 State Licensure
Robin Waltenberger Seville, OH 439888 State Licensure
Mindy Nielsen Columbus, OH 588418 State Licensure
Angela Stark Columbus, OH 386064 State Licensure
Nicole Topp Seville, OH 508798 State Licensure
Johnny Williams Cleveland, OH 695661 State Licensure
Dianna Burgess Covington, OH 499879 State Licensure
Ann Leitch Cincinnati, OH 393148 State Licensure
Melissa Steele Dayton, OH 485816 State Licensure
Ashley Tilberg Sheffield Village, OH 508808 State Licensure
Samantha Luyster Cuyahoga Falls, OH 515959 State Licensure
Christina Huetter Liberty Township, OH 525406 State Licensure
Lindsey Kaminski Kent, OH 1168764 NCC
Caitlin Kramer Sharonville, OH 485842 State Licensure
Caren DeLong Dayton, OH 540367 State Licensure
Justin Cline Lancaster, OH 557875 State Licensure
Amanda Tuttle Genoa, OH 1723655 State Licensure
Leah Blankenship Urbana, OH 1723252 State Licensure
Jason Smithers Perrysburg, OH 1723640 State Licensure
Tonya Henderson HOLLAND, OH 1723239 State Licensure
Elizabeth Hofus Boardman, OH 1721088 State Licensure
Barry Zabielinski South Euclid, OH 86293 CCMHC
Dahlia Harris Chagrin Falls, OH 55399 NCC
Robert Dunn Boardman, OH 10161 MAC
Blenda Ware Dayton, OH 1138462 NCC
Rose Quinones Del Valle Youngstown, OH 18295 NCC
Tiffany Justice Wheelersburg, OH 292499 CCMHC
Kelly Nypaver Strongsville, OH 75459 CCMHC
Scott Bone Bexley, OH 1547065 NCC
Mariama Cook-Sandifer Toledo, OH 83607 NCC
Marlise Lonn Bowling Green, OH 75522 NCC
Rose Miletic Wintersville, OH 1012584 State Licensure
Philip McClelland medina, OH 1235034 State Licensure
Barry Zabielinski South Euclid, OH 86293 MAC
Barry Zabielinski South Euclid, OH 86293 NCC

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