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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
James Stewart Prestonsburg, KY 7821 GCDF
Stephanie Kitchen Sandy Hook, KY 8465 GCDF
Reba Carroll Lexington, KY 8300 GCDF
Brian Fields Cornettsville, KY 8032 GCDF
Joyce Wilcox Hueysville, KY 7819 GCDF
Sandra Grimm Thelma, KY 7850 GCDF
Pamela Wilson Pineville, KY 7599 GCDF
Phillip Arnett Manchester, KY 6449 GCDF
Bonnie Conn Louisa, KY 6382 GCDF
April Hall Pikeville, KY 6383 GCDF
JoAnn Nolan Manchester, KY 6455 GCDF
Karen Phillips Harlan, KY 6494 GCDF
Mona Sammons Mallie, KY 9063 GCDF
Willa Lykens Langley, KY 9451 GCDF
Alesia Brewer Mckee, KY 9024 GCDF
Shirley Davidson Manchester, KY 10034 GCDF
Allison Brown Whitesburg, KY 10118 GCDF
Lynn Johnson Hazard, KY 10160 GCDF
David Kidd Hueysville, KY 10196 GCDF
Reva Kidd Hueysville, KY 10203 GCDF
Janet Jackson Calvin, KY 10214 GCDF
B Rudelle Greene Middleboro, KY 10283 GCDF
Ann Kruse Park Hills, KY 10424 GCDF
Christina Conover Covington, KY 10514 GCDF
Danielle Fuller Crittenden, KY 12771 GCDF
Erica Ash Paintsville, KY 13174 GCDF
Mae Shurow Staffordsville, KY 13176 GCDF
Jill Blevins Evarts, KY 13178 GCDF
Beth Spencer Beattyville, KY 13179 GCDF
Kayla Jude Warfield, KY 13183 GCDF
Jennifer Hampton Pikeville, KY 13189 GCDF
Michelle Mudge-Riley Louisville, KY 13380 GCDF
Eileen Davis Louisville, KY 13760 GCDF
Paolo Capretti Richmond, KY 13858 GCDF
Amanda Tudor Lexington, KY 13860 GCDF
Jennifer Harris Louisville, KY 14232 GCDF
Marvin Saylor Bedford, KY 14238 GCDF
Cheryl Wolf Bowling Green, KY 14377 GCDF
Rynold Brock Louisville, KY 14660 GCDF
Mary Mills Barbourville, KY 14725 GCDF
Allison Reusch Richmond, KY 15143 GCDF
Deborah Jones Owensboro, KY 15213 GCDF
Amanda (Mandy) Harrison Richmond, KY 15804 GCDF
Elizabeth Cole Pikeville, KY 15994 GCDF
Paige Erhart Louisville, KY 16162 GCDF
Michelle Jones Lexington, KY 17050 GCDF
Mary Beth Ludt Nicholasville, KY 17052 GCDF
Shalamar Sandifer Richmond, KY 17055 GCDF
Amanda Leger Berea, KY 17029 GCDF
Hannah LeGris Lexington, KY 17215 GCDF
Ramla Osman Lexington, KY 17221 GCDF

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