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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Traci Dobrev Tampa, FL 107 BCC
Anthony Quaglieri Tampa, FL 847 BCC
Nancy Perdue Tampa, FL 937 BCC
Maria Rosado Pizarro Tampa, FL 3028 BCC
Allison Agliata Tampa, FL 3493 BCC
Abigail Adewoye Tampa, FL 3770 BCC
James Reinach Tampa, FL 102 BC-TMH
Amy Datla Tampa, FL 298 BC-TMH
Ruby Torres Tampa, FL 1353 BC-TMH
Robert Drake Tampa, FL 1583 BC-TMH
Thomas Garcia Tampa, FL 590 ACS
Jinah Rordam Tampa, FL 3118 ACS
Denise Infinger Tampa, FL 4899 HSBCP
Donald Hines Tampa, FL 1591 HSBCP
William Day Tampa, FL 858 HSBCP
Alfred Solomon Tampa, FL 6384 HSBCP
Kiana Wilson Tampa, FL 12389 GCDF
Shawn Conlon Tampa, FL 15585 GCDF
Sandra Rizzi Tampa, FL 16338 GCDF
Barbara Sosa Tampa, FL 16531 GCDF

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