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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Daniel Navarro Miami, FL 2002 DCC
Deborah Rivers Miami, FL 258 BCC
Sylvia Cooper Miami, FL 697 BCC
Aida Flores Miami, FL 1299 BCC
Mario Garcia Miami, FL 1527 BCC
Malgorzata Szter Miami, FL 1597 BCC
Shana Lazar Miami, FL 3098 BCC
Najee Lee Miami, FL 4040 BCC
Rachna Buxani Miami, FL 112 BC-TMH
Belky Schwartz Miami, FL 516 BC-TMH
Ileana Tolibia Miami, FL 1302 BC-TMH
Pauline Vandergrinten Miami, FL 1788 BC-TMH
Lisa Reiss Miami, FL 1286 ACS
Karina La Banca Miami, FL 1408 ACS
Elvita Rojas Miami, FL 1138 HSBCP
Melissa Nozile Miami, FL 17218 GCDF
Kelvin Taylor Miami, FL 17219 GCDF
Jean-Michel Nelzi Miami, FL 17220 GCDF
Flowers Coulanges Miami, FL 17246 GCDF
Horst Bellingrodt Miami, FL 17350 GCDF

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