Costs Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner

Annual Renewal

Each year, CCE sends each HS-BCP a statement of annual maintenance fees. Currently, the fee is $40. HS-BCPs must remit the annual maintenance fee payment by the due date to maintain certification. If CCE does not receive payment by the due date, the certification becomes inactive. Reactivation of an inactive certification requires submission of a reinstatement application and payment of a $50 reinstatement fee and any past-due balance.

Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner Fees

Application $210
Exam Reregistration $100
Annual maintenance $40
Late $15
Reinstatement $50
Replacement certificate $20


HS-BCPs must complete 60 clock hours of relevant continuing education every five years in order to recertify. If an HS-BCP does not submit the requested documentation and payment by their expiration date, their certification will expire. To reinstate an expired HS-BCP requires a completed reinstatement application, $50 reinstatement fee, payment of any past-due balance and documentation of 60 continuing education clock hours.

Complete your reinstatement appliction by visiting the Credentialing Gateway.

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