Continuing Education Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner


Determining if a Continuing Education Activity Meets HS-BCP Requirements

The following checklist will assist in determining if an activity meets HS-BCP continuing education guidelines and can be used for recertification. In order for an activity to count toward continuing education requirements, you should be able to answer yes to the following questions:

  • Does the content of the activity fall within a human services competency area?
  • Is the activity geared toward practitioners in the field of human services?
  • Does the activity enhance your role as a human service practitioner?
  • If it was a teleconference, was there an opportunity to interact with an instructor or facilitator?
  • Was the activity completed during the current five-year certification period?
  • Does the training provider have formal education or credentialing in the competency area addressed?

Additional Continuing Education Guidelines

  • A clock hour is defined as one hour of actual participation in a continuing education activity, excluding breaks of more than 10 minutes, lunch, etc.
  • Teleconferences must feature an interactive format in order to qualify for recertification. Interactive teleconferences provide the opportunity for participants to communicate directly with the instructor or have a facilitator present at the conference site.
  • For seminars, workshops and conferences, a certificate, verification form, or letter verifying attendance is required for documentation.
  • For college or university courses, a transcript, grade report or verification form is required for documentation.
  • Formalized in-service training provided by a qualified trainer may be verified by certificate, verification form, or completed contact hour verification form signed by the trainer or supervisor and with information attached regarding training content.
  • Home study programs must meet all continuing education guidelines. A certificate from the organization providing the home - study activity is required for documentation.
  • Publication of an article directly related to human services in a peer-reviewed journal can earn up to six continuing education clock hours.
  • HS-BCPs may retake the HS-BCP Examination in lieu of completing the required continuing education clock hours to recertify.

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