United States Continuing Education

Why is Continuing Education (CE) Important?

CE refines your skills and guides current and effective practice!

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel"


The GCDF requires 75 CE clock hours every five years. These hours must meet CCE requirements regarding competency area and activity type, as described below.

75 clock hours in any of the 12 GCDF competency areas

The following activities do not qualify for continuing education:

  • Consulting work;
  • Courses in personal self-improvement; and
  • Trade shows

You may participate in CE activities from any qualified provider, not just those approved by CCE.

You should be able to answer “yes” to each question below if an activity meets GCDF continuing education requirements.

Does the content of the activity fall into one or more of the 12 GCDF competency areas?

  1. Helping Skills
  2. Labor Market Information and Resources
  3. Assessment
  4. Diverse Populations
  5. Ethical and Legal Issues
  6. Career Development Models
  7. Employability Skills
  8. Training Clients and Peers
  9. Program Management/Implementation
  10. Promotion and Public Relations
  11. Technology
  12. Consultation

Is the activity intended for professionals in the career development field?

Does the activity enhance my role as a Global Career Development Facilitator?

Am I able to interact with the instructor/facilitator during or after the session?

Will the activity be completed during my current five-year credentialing period?

Does the instructor/facilitator have formal education, expertise or credentialing in the relevant GCDF competency areas?

The activity must also be an approved method for earning continuing education.

If you have questions regarding continuing education requirements please contact CCE:

Telephone: +1.336.482.2856

Fax: +1.336.482.2852

E-mail: credentialinfo@cce-global.org

Web site: cce-global.org

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