Maintaining Your Credential Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider

Credential Maintenance Requirements

Your Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider (BC-TMH) credential is valid for five years, as long as you comply with the Center for Credentialing & Education’s (CCE) policies and procedures. To maintain your credential, you must recredential at the end of five years. The chart below summarizes the steps required yearly to maintain your credential with CCE.

*To avoid a late fee of $15 please pay the maintenance fee by the due date.

To maintain the BC-TMH, credential holders must:

  • Stay current in the field: TeleMental health is a dynamic field. Therefore, BC-TMH credential holders must obtain four continuing education (CE) clock hours every year, with a minimum of 20 CE hours specific to telemental health required during every five-year recredentialing period. CCE conducts random audits yearly. To maintain a record, please download a continuing education log. You must also retain copies of your certificates of completion (dates, titles, providers, hours awarded, approver required) or other approved activity verification. For more information, please visit the continuing education section on our web site.
  • Disclose: Each year with renewal, the credential holder attests to their compliance with CCE policies and procedures, including disclosure about any criminal, legal, or disciplinary related matters. However, if something happens during the year, do not wait to disclose. CCE requires all applicants and credential holders to disclose any criminal, legal, or disciplinary related matters within 60 days of the occurrence of any such matter, unless otherwise specified to CCE in writing.
  • Update information and remit annual fees: Annual fees are $45 and due in your BC-TMH anniversary month. In order to receive notifications, please keep your contact information with CCE current, including email. Payment indicates you agree to comply with CCE policies and procedures, including adherence to the BC-TMH disclosure requirements.
  • Upgrade associate or equivalent licensure status: If you were under supervision for licensure at the time of initial application, you must submit a copy of your active full licensure during your first five-year recredentialing period. Alternatively, you can submit proof of an eligible current, active status credential as described under the BC-TMH requirements. Failure to verify full licensure or eligible credential will result in the expiration of your BC-TMH credential. To regain active status, you will be required to submit a reinstatement application and meet all reinstatement requirements.
  • Recredential: At the end of each five-year period, the recredentialing agreement must be reviewed, signed, dated, and then submitted with the annual fee. CCE may select you for an audit and require you to submit your CE documentation.

Reinstatement — After Failure to Renew or Recredential

Inactive Status Expired Status
  • Required if credential status becomes inactive due to a failure to pay latest annual maintenance fee, and/or continuing education (CE) verification is delinquent;
  • Submission of reinstatement application & $50 fee;
  • Payment of past due balance;
  • Cannot use BC-TMH logo or designation if credential status is inactive; and,
  • Make up any required CE hours not obtained during inactive period (proof of completion required).
  • Required if credential expires due to failure to fulfill recredentialing requirements, including annual fee, disclosure requirement, and continuing education;
  • Submission of reinstatement application and $50 fee;
  • Payment of past due balance;
  • Cannot use BC-TMH logo or designation if credential status is expired.
  • CCE will send an annual maintenance fee notice via email approximately six weeks prior to your payment due date.
  • Please contact CCE if you have any questions about your annual fee notice.
  • To avoid a late fee of $15, please pay the annual maintenance fee by the due date.
  • Payment indicates you agree to adhere to the BC-TMH disclosure requirements. In the fifth year, you must also sign the disclosure requirement in order to recredential.

Audit Selection

Each year, CCE randomly audits a percentage of BC-TMH credential holders for CE verification. If audited, you must submit documentation of four CE hours each year with your signed recredential notice. Your notice will inform you if you are selected for audit.

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