Required Training Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS)

Specialized Clinical Supervision Training Requirement

Clinical supervision training must be specific to providing clinical supervision or becoming a clinical supervisor. You must document completion of one of the following:

a. A three-semester-hour graduate course in clinical supervision from a CACREP-accredited program


b. A total of 45 clock hours of clinical supervision training specific to providing clinical supervision or becoming a clinical supervisor, which must include each of the following content areas:

  1. Roles and functions of clinical supervisors
  2. Theoretical frameworks and models of clinical supervision
  3. Supervisory relationship issues
  4. Methods and techniques for clinical supervision
  5. Group supervision
  6. Evaluation, remediation, and gatekeeping in supervision
  7. Utilization of technology in clinical supervision
  8. Administrative procedures and responsibilities related to clinical supervision
  9. Legal and ethical issues and responsibilities in clinical supervision
  10. Culturally responsive clinical supervision

If you are submitting a graduate course for this requirement, you will need to send an official transcript for that course unless it is included on the official transcript you are submitting to verify your degree. If you are submitting continuing education instead, you will need to include certificate(s) of completion for the 45 total hours of training covering all the required areas.

During the review of your application, you may be asked to provide course syllabi or workshop content descriptions, learning objectives, and agendas demonstrating that each content area was covered.

Resources for Clinical Supervision Training

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