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First Name Last Name Location ID Certifications
Phillip Hay Kelowna, CN BCC-0002 BCC
Manon Dulude Georgetown, ON BCC-0020 BCC
Lillian Mills Toronto, ON BCC-0025 BCC
Catherine Morisset Ottawa, ON BCC-0434 BCC
Ley-Ann Clarke Parksville, BC BCC-0435 BCC
Sophie Bizeul Vancouver, BC BCC-0733 BCC
Rosemary Marchant Toronto, CA BCC-1031 BCC
Liz Zed Tofino, BC BCC-1322 BCC
Minda Bernstein Montreal, QC BCC-1483 BCC
Anita Flowers Wolfville, Noa Scotia, CA BCC-1813 BCC
Maria Di Paolo Aurora, Ontario, CA BCC-2166 BCC
Linda Page Guelph, ON BCC-2290 BCC
Gary Wood Gravenhurst, CN BCC-2301 BCC
Jennifer Britton East Gwillimbury, Ontari, CA BCC-2302 BCC
JoAnne Marlow North Vancouver, BC, CN BCC-2303 BCC
Shirley Martin Elmira, CN BCC-2372 BCC
Beryl Lyons Toronto, CN BCC-2433 BCC
Jacqueline Martin Oakville, CA BCC-2443 BCC
Danielle Silverman Montreal, QC BCC-2502 BCC
Helene ILiffe Sun Peaks, CA BCC-2676 BCC
Ruth Maxwell Abbotsford, BC BCC-2712 BCC
Seth Shugar Montreal, QC BCC-3209 BCC
Gloria Winston Calgary, Alberta, CN BCC-3245 BCC
Bryan Pett St. Charles, ON BCC-3394 BCC
Judy Sims Toronto, ON BCC-3578 BCC
Ameetha Garbharran North Vancouver, CA BCC-3751 BCC
Jackie W. K. Chung Toronto, ON BCC-3827 BCC
Jeffrey Edwards Ottawa, ON BCC-3842 BCC
Nancy Johnson Woodstock, CA BCC-4026 BCC
Mary Green Arnprior, ON BCC-4208 BCC
Ashley Bargent Toronto, ON BCC-4502 BCC
Joyce Hughes Burlington, CA BCC-4544 BCC
Mark Douglas Hunter River RR3, PE BCC-4556 BCC
Christopher Terrio Niverville, CN BCC-4597 BCC
Bruce Dunphy Timberlea Nova Scotia, CA BCC-4685 BCC
Manuela Zeitlhofer Eganville, ON BCC-4802 BCC
Colleen Albiston Toronto, CN BCC-4961 BCC
William Hanson Niagara on the Lake, OT BCC-4880 BCC
Amanda Diehl Langley, BC BCC-4916 BCC

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