Board Certified Coach (BCC)

Board Certified Coach

BCC Examination (BCCE)

The Board Certified Coach (BCC) examination is administered as part of the credentialing process that independently verifies a candidate's coaching knowledge. It was created from the consensus of coaching subject matter experts and normed on a population of professionals in the field. The exam covers the following competency areas:

  1. Screening and Orientation in Coaching
  2. Fundamental Coaching Skills
  3. Assessments in Coaching
  4. Coaching Approaches for Individuals
  5. Coaching Approaches for Business and Organizations
  6. Ethical and Professional Practice in Coaching

Read the BCC Candidate Handbook to learn more about BCC exam administration, scheduling an exam, study tips and samples of questions featured on the BCC exam.

After an application for the Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential is submitted, individuals who meet all of the application requirements will be eligible to sit for the exam. You may submit a BCC application at any time. It will take approximately eight weeks from the date of receipt for the initial application review to be completed. Upon CCE's approval of your application, exam registration materials will be forwarded to you, and you will be eligible to register for the BCC exam. The exam is administered via computer-based testing (CBT) at more than 175 centers throughout the United States. Applicants will be allowed to test a maximum of three times, separated by a minimum three month waiting period in-between exams, during the three-year period that their BCC application remains open with CCE. Only upon passing the BCC exam will a BCC credential be presented.

BCC Exam Candidate Handbook
BCC Application

If you have any questions after reading the BCC Application and the BCC Exam Candidate Handbook, please feel free to contact us at with the headline "BCC."